October 18, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Today we have our first male Sponsor Spotlight!  I am happy to introduce you guys to Andy, my brother-in-law.  Andy's shown up on this blog before, strutting his fashionable stuff, but today he's here to tell you all about a new gig he's got going.  It's pretty genius and if you are looking for a way to work at home, or from anywhere, this might be the answer.  It just might be a stay-at-home mom's dream job.  I'll be trying it out myself and will report back.  For now, check out Andy!

1.  Tell me about you!
I am 23 years old, eloped to Greece 4 months ago with the love of my life, am addicted to traveling, and can never go back to working a regular job. 
I own a company that buys and re-sells products (toys mostly) on Amazon.com
My latest project is called "dewable". I have never been more excited about something. My wife and I started creating dewable after about the 82nd person wanted to sit down with me and learn how to do what I do. Everything I've learned and discovered about being successful at selling on Amazon is in dewable. I advertise that I work about 20 hours a week, but usually it's much less. I'm still getting used to not working for works sake. I spend most of my time with my wife. We're both really involved in our church and passionate about traveling. I hope everyone looking for freedom of their time gives dewable some serious consideration. 

2.  Three words that describe yourself.  Just 3 because 5 is too many and one is weird.
Warrior. Poet. Nerd.

3.  If you could only listen to one CD {umm CD? I'm old!} for the rest of your life, which would you chose?
I-Empire by Angels and Airwaves

4.  Drink of choice {doesn't have to be boxed wine but if it is I'll be your BFF}?
Enotria Wine (moscato) found only at the Wine Guy in Gahanna as far as I know.

5.  Which celebrity {dead or alive} would you want to hang out with for one full day?  Why?
C.S. Lewis. His book Mere Christianity changed my life.


  1. This sounds like a great opportunity! Are you and Jimmy giving it a whirl? Sounds like it could be a chance for you to be a SHAM for good!

  2. This is something I'm definitely interested in!! I hope the website is up soon :)

  3. My boyf does something similar, although he focuses on Ebay and Amazon. Its great for bringing in a few extra bucks for us to go out to dinner on =)

  4. I'm definitely interested in how this works. My FIL has made a decent amount of money from buying stuff cheap at yard sales and thrift stores and re-selling on Ebay or Craig's List.

  5. I can't afford to stay home with my son and that is the only thing I wish I could change. I miss out on so much and I'd really give anything to be home with him. Once he gets this rolling and if he needs people, let me know! So many jobs advertising working from home are scams. I'd love to find something legit.

  6. Thank you for the welcome and the interest! Our goal is to launch the full site before the end of this month. Christmas time is by far the most fun/profitable time of year for Amazon sellers so we want to make sure people are up and running before mid-november. Feel free to email me @ andy@itsdewable.com with any questions you may have.

  7. He won me over at Angels and Airwaves. Who doesn't love Tom's voice?