November 15, 2012

The Boutique Mommy

It's no secret that I love me some monogrammed clothing for the holidays for Miss KP.  I think she's had one for the past 3 years for Thanksgiving and Christmas and her past two birthdays.  I can't afford for her to run around in it every day {I wish!} but I can splurge for holidays.

In the past she's donned a turkey and a pumpkin for past Thanksgivings but this years tee is my favorite.  It's from Jackie at The Boutique Mommy and it's so appropriate for the stage she's in right now.  Whenever she sees it she says, "Hey dats my turkey tee!  Dats letter K, like Ken-all!".  So smart, this girl.

Precious, right?

Jackie's work is impeccable.  Her aunt had recommended her shop to me via this blog a few months ago when I got Kendall's birthday tee and I couldn't wait til the next holiday showed up so I could get my hands on one of her adorable creations.  Jackie was so great to work with, I sent her an idea of what I had in mind and she created it to a "T".  

Her birthday stuff is just too cute too, well everything she does is cute.  Take a look on her Facebook page for even more adorable items.

And Jackie has a new program starting in 2013, a shirt of the month club!  I mean, why didn't I think of that?  Here are the details.

How cool does that sound?  I mean 12 shirts for $180?  That's just $15 a tee, and THAT'S a great deal.  BUT the deal just got a little bit sweeter because Life After I "Dew" readers get a 5% discount on all paid in full purchases made by the end of November!  If you want to get in on this amazing deal all you have to do is email Jackie at and use code 'earlybird'.  It's that simple!  

I don't know about you but I totally plan on taking advantage of this and then Kendall can sport a monogrammed tee every month, not just for holidays!  YAY!  A monogram lovers dream come true, I tell you!