December 12, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I announced my pregnancy even though I'm like 1 day pregnant {more on the details tomorrow}.
  • I've wrapped all of our Christmas presents except the ones that are still being shipped.
  • I'm probably going to give my dad money for Christmas because I can't think of anything else.
  • I'm kind of happy that Nemo the Fish died Sunday night {R.I.P. Nemo, you will be missed}.
  • I just don't understand why certain blogs are "big" aka popular.
  • I think vulgar movies like 30 Minutes or Less and Bad Teacher are flippin' hilarious.
  • I Vox with this girl all day and love it.  Seriously don't know what I'd do if we couldn't "chat" on the daily.
  • I miss this girl something fierce.  I mean, like, a lot.  I'm sure there is a reason God placed us far apart {could you imagine the chaos if we lived closer?} but I don't like it.
  • I have PJs and a robe and slippers on my Christmas list.  Dudes, it's what I want!
  • I hate the fact that UPS comes in the evenings now. I would be willing to wait an additional day so that I could have morning deliveries again.  Yes, I realize this is irrational.
  • We are still WEEKS behind on The Voice {there are still 12 contestants as far as we are concerned} so don't ruin it for me when they announce the winner!
  • I could eat carbs for every meal.  Every day.
  • There are 3 bottles of coffee creamer in my fridge.  Jimmy thinks I'm nuts.  I like to have options.
  • I'm pretty sure the Ke$ha/Janelle episode of Teen Mom 2 was my favorite.  "You see these feathers in my hair?  I got them for Ke$ha!"  Oh Janelle...


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I LOVED your announcement! You are so creative! And I don't blame you one bit for announcing it right away! I'm all about sharing the good news and I figure the more people that know the more people that can pray for a healthy pregnancy/baby

  2. Yea for blog pregnancy announcements...kind of ironic that three of us, all from Cbus announced at the same time :) I'm still obsessing over your creativity and think I might need to step it up to your level and do something creative with Elena just for documentation purposes.

    I hear ya on the carbs, too. I can't get enough to satisfy that empty/queasy feeling.

    Also totally jealous you're wrapped and ready. I'm done shopping but haven't wrapped one present. Or addressed one card.

    Feel good, lady1

  3. Oh girl that episode killed me.

    Also, I had big plans to wait until I was at least 6/7 weeks to tell people I was pregnant with H (Which btw I found out on Dec 8, 2012 I was pregnant) Yeah that last all of a day before it went up on FB. Ha!

    I have Mikayla's presents to wrap still, wanna help? I'll pay you in carbs.

  4. I am really excited about this baby details post!!

    The Jenelle/Ke$ha episode was my favorite! "She's me IDOL!" ridiculous.

  5. I have 3 creamers in my fridge too! And being preggo, I can't drink coffee like I want to so good thing they don't expire quick!!

    OMG! The Janelle/Ke$ha episode was beyond annoying and hilarious at the same time!! I was embarrassed for her! LOL

  6. There are people on the hop that didnt even do a So What? They just threw their link in!! How Rude!

  7. I have Pj's on my list too...and I put behind it ones that I want not ones that you want!! I mean I want comfy not sexy here!! Loved your pregnancy announcement...I am sad to admit I didn't get it at was a hard day yesterday!!


  8. Umm, I have 5 bottles of creamer in the fridge...whoops! haha

  9. We gave up on The Voice we were just too far behind. Cee-lo and Christina are out?! So confusing!

    I'm excited to follow along with your pregnancy! And SO happy for you!

    NONE of my gifts are wrapped and I keep not getting them in the mail!!!! That's my beef with the UPS guy!

    PS -- your Christmas decorations are really great! Mine are still sitting in boxes!!! Festiveness FAIL.

  10. Details, details, details! Yay for being 1 day pregnant ;) haha

  11. I'm so excited for you and glad you announced early so we can all follow along. I was only able to hold out announcing until 9 weeks and that was torture.

    That Jenelle/Kesha episode was ridiculous, I purposely rewound it so I could show my husband how idiotic she is, he watched with his mouth open in disbelief of how stupid she is.

    There are certain "big" blogs that I don't get the popularity of either.

  12. Ooh, congrats on the pregnancy! What a creative way to announce it!

    My hubby & I laughed our asses off at that Teen Mom 2 episode. "Ke$ha is pretty much the best singer ever, she is like so important to me" WTH!

  13. For my first pregnancy I waited until the first trimester was over to tell everyone (other than our parents and some close friends that we told earlier), but I feel like the next time I am pregnant I will be telling everyone 5 minutes after I pee on the stick. All these newly pregnant bloggers are making my uterus ache-y.

  14. So I totally agree with the UPS thing. For one, I'd like to keep things a secret from my husband - ha! and also the night deliveries disturb our lazy nighttime habits of sitting on the couch. When the UPS guy knocks at night, it wakes the baby and the dogs freak out.

    And I don't watch Teen Mom 2, but I happened to catch that part of that episode and I DIED laughing! Is that girl for real?! If Kesha is her idol, it explains a lot. LOL

  15. OMG everyones havin babies!!!! I need to go get knocked up now. (Juuuuuuuust kidding)

    So exciting though for realsies. And I really only watch teen mom 2 to see what sort of awful trainwreck sitch this girl Janelle gets herself into. I can't wait for next season cuz you know homegirl got court house married right?

  16. Yea I'm pretty sure I'll be telling everyone about my second pregnancy way before I did with the first. Congrats!!!! I will try not to spoil The Voice for you. I love that show!!! 30 Minutes or Less was hilarious. I wasn't a fan of Bad Teacher though. I can't wait to see Ted.

  17. I also don't understand the obsession with some "big bloggers". Dont get it. I feel like Im missing something. Especially when they are kind of rude little biatches, and everyone else is obsessed. Off my soapbox now!

    I love vulgar movies. I talk like a sailor, mostly in my head, but still. Loved Bad Teacher. Bridesmaids.

    And Teen Mom. I just can't. I watched some old episodes early Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep, and I was just in awe of the stupidity on that show. Gross.

  18. ummm...Ke$ha and Janelle? I have also watched it an in appropriate number of times, I have even my my hubby watch it. "I can't go to jail that day, I have a Ke$ha concert."...yep, that's a great excuse, the judge should totally go for it!

    Congrats on Dew #2 hope that your pregnancy goes well!

  19. Aw. I adore you. And you totally keep me sane daily with our Voxing, so, thank you!

  20. I think money for Christmas is completely legit...some people are IMPOSSIBLE to shope for! And I am totally with you on the multiple creamers. I have two because one is plain for the flavored coffees and the other is Vanilla for the plain do need options!!!

  21. That Teen Mom episode is my absolute favorite one ever. Her lawyer looked like he wanted to slap the crazy out of her!!!

    Congratulations on the pregnancy!! I know you've been waiting months and that's such good news. :):)

  22. OMG I thought that Teen Mom episode was the greatest. Janelle needs a reality check.
    Your Christmas list looks better then mine... I have nothing. Congrats again on Baby Dew #2.

  23. I don't understand why some blogs are so big/popular either! I think some don't even post great stuff and have a lot of followers! Ha!

    Money is fine to give!!!!

  24. Congrats!! So exciting! I can count on my hands & feet the number of people I told before 17 wks. I would never have said a word if it wasn't going to become super obvious. But I guess I'm the minority.

  25. Congrats on your big news!

    And tell Jimmy I always have AT LEAST 3 different kinds of creamers! I like a different one everyday! And it's much cheaper then Starbucks everyday :)

  26. Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear the details!!

  27. I am a traditional girl with decorations too :)