January 30, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I honestly think I'm sleeping better because of the new bedroom furniture.
  • I want a new iPhone case but there's nothing wrong with the one I have.
  • I was having withdrawals because I didn't watch Pretty Little Liars all weekend.
  • I got really excited when I got 3 new sponsors this week!  Interested?  There's still time/spots available {use code COLD for 25% off}.
  • I'm thinking I'm going to spend all summer in maxi dresses and skirts.
  • I am hoping to see lots of new faces today thanks to Laura's link up on Monday {say HI if your a new link-uper}!
  • I ate almost an entire bag of frozen ravioli for dinner. It serves 4.
  • I bought Kendall princess panties because she said she'd go pee pee in the potty if I did.
  • I looked back through pics of our house when we first moved in and I'm jealous of how clean it was.
  • I stored away all of my "skinny" summer clothes already.  I mean they're not going to fit so why have them taunt me?
  • I randomly bought cinnamon crunch bagels this week and it's turned out to be the best random purchase ever.  YUM!


  1. I'm desperate for a new iPhone. I swear about 1-year into having my 4s it started to shut off randomly and reboot and lose battery life. Just to taunt me. Grr.

    Also? Do I have to put together an ad myself if I want to advertise on your blog?? Ugh. I'm so unfamiliar with blog advertising. I need to familiarize myself, stat! Ha!

  2. Looks like K knows how to negotiate...give the girl the princess panties..lol :)

  3. I have 3-4 phone cases. I don't necessarily call them cases.. More outfits for my phone. It seems more reasonable that way.

  4. Omg were they crunch bagels from Panera?!?! SO GOOD. sodamngood.

  5. I plan to spend the summer in maxi skirts and dresses too (except I'm not pregnant) hope my boss won't mind. Ha! They are just too comfy!

  6. It's fun to finally be linking up again after a long while. I too see lots of maxi dresses in my future and good for you for packing up your "skinny clothes". No reason to make yourself feel bad. The bagels were at the grocery store? I keep thinking of the ones from Panera and that sounds soooo good!

  7. Cinnamon crunch bagels are my crack. If I wasn't on Weight Watchers I'd drive on over to Panera at lunch today and get a half dozen.

  8. We bribed our kids with potty parties...us moms do what we have to do!!

    LOVE cinnamon crunch beagles!


  9. Don't feel bad about the ravioli. My sister mailed me an awesome king cake and I definitely ate half of it...AND felt really sick. In my defense it wasn't all at once. It was spread out over a few hours. It was just SO good. Too good =(

  10. I'm ADDICTED to the cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera. I could eat them 24/7.

  11. Shannon, for some crazy reason, I can never see the link up for the link up (does that make sense) from my computer at work - so I wrote my blog but cant connect it to yours while at work - here is the link:
    and my name is Taylor @ MamaTayLeMay :) Let me know if you need anything else!

  12. I bought tons of Dora panties just as bribery for potty training. I'm not above bribing!!

  13. I am bribing the shit out of my son to get him potty trained. He might have diabetes by the time it is all said and done, but at least he will be pooping in the toilet and not his pants.

  14. hi!!! This is my first link up ever. I found you through Ramblings of a Suburban mom and love the idea and your blog.

  15. I am right there with you! I would love to spend the whole summer in maxi's!