February 1, 2013

FAB Fridays

Today is FAB Friday with Laura and I have a few things I'm excited about today.  The cold weather is not one of them.  Is anyone else having bipolar weather?  It was 60 Tuesday and Wednesday and now there is snow on the ground!  WTF?  That, most definitely, is NOT fab.  Just sayin'.  Also what's not fab?  My internet service.  I've seen  a lot of people complaining about their internet lately so maybe it's the universe telling us we all need to shut it down but quite frankly I'll be surprised if I even get this post written, it's been that bad.  Oh, wait, we are supposed to be talking about things that ARE fab...my bad.  Anyway...on to the good!

My first fab thing is potty training.  I know, I know, potty training is so not fab, in fact it's torture.  I had to keep reminding myself why I decided to start doing this when I can't drink.  I'm fairly certain wine+potty training go hand in hand.  Except it hasn't been that bad.  Kendall had told me that she'd go pee pee on the potty if she had princess panties.  You got it kid, off to Target we went.  When she woke up from her nap on Tuesday she demanded to wear them, so we went with it.  We had a one accident that evening and then Wednesday we had 3 successes and 3 accidents.  Yesterday was a different story.  She rocked it!  No accidents!  Well, she pooped when she went down for her nap but she had a diaper on so I don't really count that.  I know we are just starting this journey and all but I am so proud of her, she's pretty proud too.

We started the bedroom makeover this past weekend and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement.  I love being in our bedroom now, love it.  I have been letting Kendall watch her night time show in our bed and I love just snuggling with her.  Even Jimmy has said how stoked he is to have it be so nice in there.  I've been busy trying to decorate this week and I think I've finally settled on the wall decor.  Here's a sneak peek.
Note, we still desperately need curtains {that's next}, the bed is not made {as usual}, there is a dog in that pile of blankets, but all in all I am loving what we've done so far.  It's a vast improvement from what we had before {you can see some of it here}.  I can't wait for the full reveal.  I think I'm going to never leave, ever.

Lastly, back to Kendall.  She has beautiful hair.  It's such a pretty blonde, natural highlights galore, and the loose waves are what most of us would kill to have.  I am envious of her hair daily.  But the one thing is she will not let me do anything with it.  No ponytail, no pigtails, no braids, only a clip to keep her bans out of her eyes, or a princess crown.  This week she randomly told me she wanted a braid.  I almost fell over, no really.  I hoped off the couch so quick you would have thought there was a sale on cinnamon crunch bagels.  She loved it, for that day.  The next day we were back to hating braids and everything else.

It's been a fun week, minus the fact that we can't leave the house because I'm afraid of having a pee episode.  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh, speaking of, another FAB thing we have going on is this weekend we are taking KP to her first movie!  The theater does a "kids" viewing at 10 am and it's for kids so you don't have to worry about screaming, crying, talking, etc because most likely all the other kids will be doing the same.  And, it's only $2!  We're seeing Madagascar 3 and I hope she loves it!  Wish us luck.

Hope you all have a great weekend, now head over to Laura's blog and check out some more FAB Fridays!


  1. Woo! Go Kendall! We are in the same boat with a babe on the way and an almost 2.5 year old that I'd love to get potty trained. But yeah, without wine...I just don't know if I have it in me.

    Also? That movie theater? Sounds awesome! You have to write about how it goes. I can't wait to take my little lady to one (even if it's mostly because I need an excuse to get a large, extra butter popcorn)! ;)

  2. Go to Ikea and get one of their cheapy kid potties and keep plastic bags to line it with for #2 all in your car. It was quite different with a boy, he was all too happy to pee wherever outside! Our Ikea potty has come in handy MANY times in the car!

  3. I love the braid!

    I waited till L was a bit older and he was potty trained in a day. No fuss at all. You probably don't want to hear that right now though huh? Hang in there!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Ahhh, the braid! I melt! And her face is priceless. I'm glad potty training went well yesterday. :)

  5. She's a rockstar! Go KP!!! That would be awesome to only have one kid in diapers!!!

  6. Your room looks awesome! it's such a god feeling to get a room of your house decorated and in order.

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  7. Love the braid! Congrats to her (and you) on the potty training. Such good news.

  8. KP's braid = freakin adorable!!!!!!!! What a little superstar with potty training, too!!!!!

    {P.S. I just re

    1. alized I never sent KP her Christmas gift! Promise I'll do that this week!}

      Also..... No clue why my comment did that!

  9. I feel your pain with your daughter's hair. My youngest has the most gorgeous waist length red hair. I mean, she's 3 & her hair is to her butt, with perfect little curls at the ends and lovely natural highlights. Not only will she not let me do ANYTHING with it (not even a clip), she insists on wearing a hat all the time. No exaggeration. She is literally never without a hat unless she's taking a bath. The child is breaking my heart. This has been going on for months! Then my 6-year old is on a "do my own hair" kick (just imagine), and the 11-year old...forget it. Three girls and I can't even do one braid!

  10. way to go kp!!! so proud of her!!! she's going to get it in no time :)

    and the braid? dead from the cute. i put bg's in two braids the other day and I almost died. it's like we're real girl moms now!!

  11. love that picture of her. Way to go in the pt department. That's one of those things that in 2 years I might be hiding in a corner trying to avoid.

  12. I'm considering pulling out our princess panties this weekend to see how Chloe does. I'll let you know. LOL!