February 18, 2013

Pink or Blue?

Dare I say I am more anxious for this gender ultrasound than I was with Kendall.  I think that it's because with Kendall I wanted a girl.  I never had a feeling that she was a girl but I couldn't have imagined the tech telling me she was a boy.  I wanted a girl so badly that I bought girl clothes before we knew.  So when they said "it's a GIRL!" I was just like, "well of course it is!".

This time I really have no expectations. I have no super strong feeling one way or another and I really don't "want" one gender over the other.  If I had to pick I'd say a slight part of me feels like it's a boy more than a girl but it's not that strong of a pull.  

I think either way will be amazing and great in it's own way.  I think of a girl and I think of sweet sisters. I think of a new baby girl wearing all of Kendall's old clothes.  I think of our girl name, which I love oh so much.  I think of "my girls".

When I think of a boy I think of how new and fun and exciting it all would be, something different.  I think of Jimmy and how much he would love to teach a son all of the things he loves.  I think of my dad and he'd get to have the son he never had.  I think of the cute new nursery we could decorate {a girl will get Kendall's nursery stuff}.

So, no matter what I'm happy, obviously.  The main thing here is a happy, healthy baby. Period. 

In honor of the big reveal {which will come next week} I thought it'd be fun to see what all the old wives tales are saying.  I did this with Kendall and they were all over the place but it was still fun.  So crazy to think how clueless I am right now and how in just a few hours I'll know. That boggles my mind.  

Without further ado...here's what the "signs" say.

Wedding Ring Test= Girl
No Morning Sickness= Boy
Chinese Gender Chart= Girl
Carrying Low= Boy
Mayan Method {mother's age & year of conception}= Boy
Mother's "Intuition"= Boy
Cold Feet= Boy
"Chest Development"= Girl
Garlic Test= Boy
Mild Acne= Boy

Wow...these are far more one-sided than they were when I was pregnant with Kendall.  Only a little longer before we know if we'll have a baby brother or baby sister for Miss Kendall.


  1. Yaaay!!! Can't wait!!! Is Kendall asking for a boy or a girl? Or does she not have a preference?

  2. You're finding out today but not telling us until next week? Ahh...you gotta keep us hanging. Not that we're family or anything but we are your blog readers pretty much the same thing. Have fun!

  3. I am thinking boy, but who knows?! I think when I'm pregnant someday, I don't want to find out the sex of the baby. It's the only real surprise in life and I think it would be fun not to know!

  4. I'm going with the minority and voting for another little girl. Can't wait to find out!

  5. I'm still thinking boy. :-) There have been so many girl announcements near me that we need to even out the scale!

  6. I think I think it's a girl. But I'm not 100%. I'll try to make my mind up by the big day! Either way, he or she will be just precious, just like KP! I hope this week GOES SUPER FAST FOR YOU!!!!

  7. I'm going with girl. But I don't see a poll in here? Or I am just suppose to guess here? GIRL.


  8. I had horrible sickness with Brayden and it was a boy....oh man what a wives tale. Maybe that means this one is a boy too LOL.

    Can't wait to hear what it is!

  9. The ring test was right for me. When I was pregnant with the blighted ovum my friend tried to do the ring test and it didn't move at all. I totally had this I'm going to have a miscarriage feeling. So freaky!

  10. I'm going to have to look some of these tests & try them out for myself. I really don't have a feeling either way abt my little one. A boy would be great for my husband the outdoorsman. But a girl would be fun too. I'm just enough girly girl but I like to hunt & fish too.

    A little boy would shut my MIL up who just KNOWS it's a girl & has already started her name list.