February 6, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I love that Kendall wants to watch her nighttime show "in mommy's big girl bed" every night.
  • I tried to do my weight loss yoga DVD, one that used to be very easy for me, and barely made it halfway through.
  • I secretly hate that Jimmy has started working out again.
  • My mind is already racing with things I'm going to buy with my Big Fat Check this month.  
  • I don't weigh myself in between doctor visits.
  • I ate tacos while I watched Biggest Loser this week.
  • I didn't see a lick of the Super Bowl or any of the commercials.
  • I love seeing Kendall's tushy in her little girl panties.
  • I am on a home-redecorating kick.  I blame this girl.
  • I'm sad I missed out on the Native shoe sale on Zulily this week.
  • Kendall and I made cookies two nights in a row.
  • This post is all about food.


  1. You didnt miss much with missing the super bowl but there are TWO commercials that you have to YouTube... The Budweiser "Brotherhood" commercial and the Dodge Farmer commercial. Both were AMAZING! Hopefully they play them at some point on regular tv.

    Do you want to come help style my house? we've been there THREE years an yup most walls still blank and we are rocking a college type bedroom still! BOO..

  2. I always want to eat while watching the biggest looser.....

    And I didn't watch the superbowl either for the fact that I hate Ray Lewis :)

  3. I love Scarlett's biscuits in her big girl undies, too! So cute! It sounds like Kendall is doing awesome at potty training -- YAY!!! And now you'll only ever have 1 baby in diapers at a time!

    Don't feel bad about the yoga -- in a few weeks, it'll be warm enough (hopefully!) in Maine to exercise outside and I'm going to attempt to do my old 3-mile loop. I haven't done it since my EARLY stages of pregnancy with Poppy...wish me luck! ;)

  4. I can't believe you didn't watch the Superbowl!! And what are you thinking of getting with your check???

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  5. I was doing so well with my workouts this pregnancy and then my ankles started killing me. What the ****? I don't remember ankle issues my last pregnancy, but this makes walking down to get the mail hard some days. I've stopped doing the exercises (Zumba and/or walk king the neighborhood) and my ankles seem to tolerate normal working conditions fine now. So much for trying to stay fit!

  6. Ditto with the tacos and BL this week AND the super bowl ... I didn't see a second of it!!

  7. Oh I never weighed myself in between doctor appointments when I was pregnant...figured why fret over a number that I know is only going to up? :)

  8. We were right there with you on not watching nay of the Super Bowl. We just used it as an excuse to eat junk!!!! LOL

  9. Cookies two nights in a row? That's it, Shan. I'm moving in. MAKE ROOM! ;)

  10. Ha! You're pregnant...the post is allowed to be all about food!

  11. I didn't see a lick of the SuperBowl either. Couldn't care less ;)

    And toddler tushy in big girl pants? Never gets old. Freaking cute as can be.