March 4, 2013

I "Dew" Me

Hey friends!

Lot's of new faces around here!  Welcome and I hope you'll stick around.  I promise to always try to keep it entertaining, maybe funny, and always honest.

Since I've noticed a lot of new followers I thought that maybe you guys might want to know a little more about me without having to go back through 900 some odd posts.

I'm opening this post up for a little Q&A sesh.  Dying to know more about The Dews?  Looking for pregnancy or parenting advice?  What do you want to see more of on L.A.I.D.?  Now is your chance.  Even if you just leave a comment saying "hi!", I'd love to hear from my new "friends".

I'll leave this open for questions, comments, concerns for a week and hopefully have the answers to all your burning questions next Monday!

Ask away!


  1. I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to have kids, when did you know that it was the right time? Did you plan to have kids sooner rather than later?

  2. Are you guys still planning your annual summer trip?

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. I have been reading your blog or a awhile now and have never commented. So I thought it was the perfect time to say Hi!!

  4. This old friend says hi!! If you have time stop by my blog and enter one of the three giveaways going on right now. Then every Monday this month 2 new ones start!


  5. When I first started reading your blog you were team one and done. I would like to hear more about how/why you changed your mind (if you're willing to share).

  6. Hi Shannon :-) new reader here. I'm engaged (getting married in July), and just started exploring the "mommyblog" circuit in preparation. I know it's random, but I wanted to ask: what part of the country you all live in? I love your blog so far, and check every day for new posts!

  7. How do you manage pajama days with your two year old? If we stay home longer than 4 hours, my 2 year old is climbing the walls. We are constantly on the go. Teach me your ways.

  8. Hi Shannon :)
    One of my besties - Caley from Ellie Love - said I must follow your blog, and I am loving it so far :)
    Come say hi to me too, I'm new to the blogging world :)

  9. What names did you have picked out if baby Dew #2 was a girl??