March 12, 2013

Master Bedroom Makeover

This bedroom makeover has been years in the making.  When we first moved in {almost 3 years ago} we decided that all of the other rooms were more important, because more people see them, and so our bedroom has always been put on the back burner.  At first it didn't bother me because we didn't spend much time in there and so who cares.  Then one day it was like "DUH!" the reason we don't spend any time in there is because it SUCKS and we are husband and wife and damn it we deserve a nice place to rest our heads at night!

I had been bugging and nagging and bribing and begging Jimmy to "PLEASE let's redo our bedroom!!!" and finally, after nearly three years we have a place that we love to be in at night. Actually we just love being in there period.  I finally love showing guests our bedroom instead of closing the door and saying, "Oh it's a mess".

For reminders, this is what our room looked like when we first moved in.  I wish I could say it looked this "good" right before we redid it but sadly it got worse over the course of the years and the real "before" pics resemble a college dorm room, pathetic. We should be ashamed of ourselves.  Yes this was "good" for us.

Yeah, it got worse from there. Sad, huh?

The after required not that much work, actually.  We bought all new furniture and bedding but besides that I was able to use pieces from other areas of the house for decor.  Spray paint some frames, print some free printables from Pinterest, move lamps and frames from room to room {making more projects in those other rooms} but at least I'm finally happy with our room and we love to spend time in here now.

I can hardly believe this is the same room as before.  We loved the colors of the walls and so we knew we wanted to work with the grey.  I've always loved yellow and grey together and when I found this comforter at Kmart} for $30 I knew I had to have it and that's what I based the entire room off of.

My favorite part of the room is this view, right above our bed.  I love the mini collage wall and how it's not symmetrical yet still balances.  Does that make sense?  At first I didn't like the headboard of this bed, I'm still not in love with it, but it's very functional.  We have two drawers that we keep things like the remotes, Jimmy's watch, a book, loose change, etc in without having it cluttered all on top of the dressers.

This was the thing I couldn't wait for.  Curtains!  I hate hate hate vertical blinds and if I never see them again it'll be too soon.  Not to mention, when it storms or when Casey wants to go outside, she RUNS through them and when you are sleeping that shit scares you.  So new curtains have made a world of difference, not only aesthetically but for our sanity too.

Initially I wanted to do white furniture because of all the white trim and white doors but I kinda like the look of the black furniture with the white.  Plus when I mentioned white furniture to Jimmy he asked if I was trying to turn our house into a beach house...

Like I said, I used things that we had in other rooms of the house and one of them was this family picture {our last/most current one, shame}.  It was in our spare room {future nursery} and therefore we never saw it.  Now we see it every day and I'm so happy because this is one of my favorite pictures of us.

We need to get some throw/decorative pillows still and I'm thinking we need some sconces on either side of the mirrored dresser but right now I'm just thrilled with this much progress.  Hard to believe how long it looked like such a hot mess.  Oh and now that I'm seeing this in pictures I'm realizing how much those cream colored switch plates are annoying me and now I want to change all of those out.  So, besides those things, I love this room just as it is.

I'm so happy that this is finally finished and now I'm wondering why we waited so long.  Kendall loves it and every time she walks in she says, "OH look at mommy's new big girl bed!" and loves to snuggle in and watch movies at night before bed.  We all really love being in this room now and it feels good to finally show it off when people come over!


  1. Looks awesome! It makes such a difference having a room that you love! I can't wait until we can redo ours!

  2. Looks fantastic!!!! Love love love the colors!!!! I would love my room if I could keep toys off the floor and clothes put away instead of in folder piles everywhere! Not enough hours in the day!

  3. I love, love it! It looks so good!

  4. I love the black with the gray and yellow!! Looks amazing! Great job

  5. Wham bam this looks amazing! Great job mama!

  6. Love the curtains! Where are they from?

  7. Looks gorgeous! I love the gray/yellow thing, it's really in and the colors and light and subtle just like a bedroom should be!

  8. I love the way you did the art on either side of the bed - complementary but not matching. The room looks great!

  9. It looks amazing! I love the yellow/gray combo so much we have it in our guest room and kitchen along with some of those same printables. You did a great job for not spending a lot which makes it even better!

  10. It looks so great!

    We've been in our house almost 3 years and are finally doing our bedroom this Spring! I can't wait!

  11. Love it! The colors are great, too! I have been begging my husband to re-do our room for 3 years now, too. Like you said, all of the other rooms are getting makeovers first. I'll have to check out Kmart for bed sets, too!

  12. Love this! What a big difference! I love the yellow gray combo!
    I have been looking for some cute yellow pillows for our bed. We bought a grey/creme quilt from Target last year, and we have grey walls, so I need to punch it up a bit with some yellow.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I love the yellow & grey! I would do the same colors if our furniture wasn't a lighter wood. Love that your bedroom goes out to your deck!

  14. Looks great and I love the color combo :)

  15. I really like the grey and yellow!
    That's one of the things I want to get done before we have this baby. Our bedroom wall color is the same blah cream it was when we moved in. I want some color!