March 13, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I just now found out about the "do not disturb" feature on my phone.  Hello night time genius.
  • I've eaten fast food more during this pregnancy than in the entire past year.
  • I tip-toe down the hall when Kendall is sleeping because I SWEAR she can hear me breathe so certainly she'll hear my footsteps.
  • It took me almost a month to actually take pictures of our master bedroom makeover.  
  • I can't believe how close this blog is to having 2000 followers.  I have a big treat for you guys when that day comes!
  • I record episodes of Friends every day to watch when there is nothing else on TV. Love that show.
  • Kendall is in PJs more days than she is in street clothes.
  • I'm going back to my roots {blonde} next week.
  • Kendall owns more sunglasses than I do.
  • I hate putting laundry away.  I'm good at most other household chores.
  • I'm already tired of hearing about Blissdom.  There, I said it.
  • We have absolutely no plans for St. Patrick's Day.
  • I've already started using my sunless tanning lotions.  If I will spring it will come, right?
  • I don't make our bed most days even though I said I would once we did the bedroom makeover.
  • I freak out when we get low on anything and don't have a back up.  Toilet paper, laundry detergent, coffee, we must always have plenty of them in the house at all times.


  1. I always DVR episodes of Friends, even though I've seen every episode. I still cry during the big moments, too, even though I know they are coming. I also never make my bed, like, ever. Before my husband and I lived together, I would always make the bed. False advertising :)

  2. I've eaten more fast-food this pregnancy than in the past year loves cheeseburgers! I also feel the need to stock pile paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and laundry detergent. Hey, I only have to shop for them a couple of times a year and don't worry!

  3. Hysterical, I tip-toe too! Now that he's 16-months old, he is a lighter sleeper than he was as a newborn in his milk-coma.

    We record every episode of Cheers for those nothing-on-tv nights.

    What kind of sunless lotion do you use? I just purchased St. Tropez sunless foam the other night, but I'm too chicken to try it out. :/


  4. I stay in my pajamas most days so as you can imagine, my kids do too. Actually the two littlest usually have just underwear and a diaper on. I'm such a bad momma!

    I need to start tanning for real. I look like a ghost.

  5. What tanning lotions do you use? We are going to FL the first week of April and I'd rather not look like Casper! LOL

  6. I kept nervous when we get low on toilet paper and diapers, if I left it up to my husband we would run out of both on a regular basis.

  7. i'm with you on the not letting things get low business. especially if it's something i know we'll use and it won't go bad. that's probs why i moved 11, ELEVEN unopened soaps from bath & body and 2 full brand new bottles of my shampoo in our move a week & a half ago. ugh.

  8. If I don't have a back up case of paper towels I freak. I need my paper towels!

    And WB wears pjs just about daily. All day, all night. Oh well.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  9. First- shame on me for not linking up this week I am some good "so what's" so I will save them for next week :) Second- I am elated for you friend that you are so close to 2000 followers- you are a dedicated, fantastic blogger who should have a bug following! Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!xo

  10. Friends is the only show that I can watch over and over and over again. And you know if I come across it while it is on TV, I will stop what I am doing and watch the rest of the episode!

  11. Don't feel bad, I hate making my bed too. It's just the way I want it why mess that up. And freaking out when you don't have a back up, that is SO me. I grew up in a family of 6 and we lived in deep country. We ran out of TP a lot. Ever since I moved to the country I always stock up and once the last of what ever comes out I am out purchasing more.

  12. My husband makes fun of me because I am usually aware of how much toilet paper we have. When we are low I am not quiet about needing to restock ASAP! I seriously hardly ever eat fast food but these last couple of weeks it just sounds so good, tomorrow is my due date and lately I have been saying what baby wants, baby gets.

  13. I totally agree on having to have backups for everything. I get "nervous" if we are running low on something (food, household supplies) and I don't have any in stock.

  14. I never make my bed either and feel the same way about keeping things in the house in stock!

  15. The last one is completely me! My husband usually makes fun of me for it, but guess who couldn't believe it when we ran out of butter this week?!?

  16. Girl, I stockpile coffee in our house! I cannot even bear to think about a morning without it. And Ari is always in PJs. They're easy. We go with what's easy.

  17. You would die at my house. We run out of everything on your list on the regular. Oops ;)