April 11, 2013

Peace Part III

The wait is over.

Back by popular demand is the ever adorable, super comfy, 100% unique PEACE TEE sale!

In case you missed this offer the first two times around, here's the deal.
Jenn Sommer's little girl got in on the action, Kodi, Kari Beth, Sarah, Mandy, Kristen, Jenn, and yours truly.

Are you sold yet?  You know you want one!

Same deal as last time

  • Tees are American Apparel tri-blend tees and run a tad on the big side.
  • All tees will be grey and the patterns will vary.  As you can see all of our fabrics are different and all of them are SUPER cute!  I have seen several of the fabric options and there is not one combo I do not love, literally want one of each.  Amy loves coming up with different color combinations and she's good at it, trust.
  • The tees are $29 and shipping will be $5.95.  I will send a PayPal invoice and, like I said, they will be processed and shipped on a first come first serve basis.
  • We will be doing infant/toddler boys and girls this time at $18 and $5.95 shipping.  
  • Current processing time will be about 4 weeks.  The tees are custom made, once the sizes are known the order for tees will be placed. It takes about a week to get the tees in and then they will be sewn and shipped in the order in which they were received.
  • Just leave me a comment and let me know your size and I'll follow up with an email to get the shipping  details and PayPal info.
  • I will need to have all the sizes by next Friday, as in one week from tomorrow.  So you have one week to decide if you want one.  You know you do!
Now please please please {with a cherry on top} make sure you leave your email address in the comments with your size so that I can respond.  If you have no email included and you have a no-reply blogger profile I have no way to get in contact with you.

Happy "shopping".


  1. Dude...you know I am in for another peace tee! I LIVE in mine! I would like a Small for me, and a matching one for Addie in a little girls 5 or XS (however American Apparel does it. If Amy knows which shirt she is buying for kids, I could look up the size and confirm). YAY!!!! adailydoseofdavis@gmail.com

  2. Okay!! I will take a small for myself (post-baby of course) and a 6-12 month for our little girl!! If they only come in one size I'll do a 12 month :) Thank you!! ashley.n.boyd@hotmail.com

  3. Quick question - if we order more than one do we pay shipping individually or is the shipping combined?

    I'd like 0-3m BOYS, 3T GIRLS, and XL for myself:-)

  4. I need another. I want a small and a baby girls 9 month. Kwebb618 at gmail

  5. Wait. If its a onesie 9 mo. If its a tee shirt can it be 12? Sorry.

  6. I feel so famous being up there :) love mine.

  7. I'd like a small, please! :) elchinko42@gmail.com

  8. Two smalls please...one is a gift so preferably two that are totally different. Ellmcstipes@yahoo.com

  9. I'm sorry, may I have a medium instead, please?? And, if possible, can I have fun, bright colored one?? ;)

  10. small please! My fabric before was a neon pattern which I love! Looking forward to my 2nd Peace Tee!


  11. I would like an X-small please! So excited. I missed out the last time :) KDahlgren8n@yahoo.com

  12. Fail. KDahlgren89@yahoo.com Thanks!

  13. Hi ! We really like your blog ;) Hope you will like ours ! - sylviaxcatherine.blogspot.com/

  14. I would like an xl please and thank you Lhaskamp@gmail.com

  15. I'd like a medium and a 3t Thanks! jody_mcclelland@yahoo.com

  16. Id like an XL please. Is there any way I can request a peace sign with blue patterns? I already have a pink one and I'd hate to have two that are super similar.
    I'd also like a 12 month onesie.
    My paypal email is scharper@cord.edu