May 3, 2013

Green With Envy No More

If you are anything like me you are always looking at other people and thinking "Whoa!  She's so put together!" or "I wish I was that creative!  How did she think of that?".  No?  Just me?  I digress.

My point is I'm always in this constant state of thinking that the grass is always greener.  Someone is always more creative, more stylish, a better mom, a better cook, a better wife, the list goes on.  I think it's a natural thing in this blog world, to compare yourself to the next, best blogger.

But then something happened one day.

I was chatting with my friend Katie via text, yeah we're cool like that, and I was telling her how I envied her creativeness.  If you don't follow her on IG I highly suggest you do.  Not only does she have two of the cutest little girls around but every Saturday morning she makes pancake animals {panimals} and every weekend I die a little at the cuteness.

One weekend {Easter weekend} I thought I'd be all creative and recreate the Easter bunny that she has posted earlier that morning...yeah well...let's just say I'll stick to Easter egg pancakes.  Anywho, I texted a picture of my version to Katie and said something along the lines of "Easter bunny pancake?  Nailed it!" {insert sarcasm font}.  I went on to say how I was seriously lacking in the creative department and envied her and on and on. And then she told me that it is not true, and that she actually envied the way I can put together an outfit better than anyone she knows.  {I don't agree, necessarily, but I'll take it!}

And it was right then and there that I realized something.  We are all good at something.  So I might not be the next Martha Stewart but I can whip up a tasty, husband approved dinner more nights of the week than we eat out.  I'm no fashionista {by any means} but I like to think I am stylish in my own way.

My point is just because someone else is good at something that you may not be doesn't mean you suck.  Doesn't mean you should be jealous because chances are you are probably good at something that they may be envious of and admire.

It's easy to get caught up in the whole "keeping up with the Jones'", especially in blog-land but you just have to remember that we all have things we are good at.  We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses.

Also something to remember?  Just because someone posts a picture of the super adorable something they did or made doesn't mean that there weren't 5 failures and disasters before that one.  Remember, blogging is all about letting you see what we want you to see.


  1. great post, girl ;) I do admire how you can put together a schnazzy outfit. You have a knack for that! I will say, we only ever do one panimals attempt--and that's purely because of TIME and/or pancake mix, lol. BUT--do not forget I was an art teacher, definite advantage there, lol.

    It kind of bums me out that this theme is running so deep in blog world right now. I'm thinking it's social media related, obviously--about comparing and what not. But duuude, don't we all struggle? (like you were saying) The great thing about us all is we all have something to offer. We can't all share the same gifts and talents all the time, or else who would we learn from?

    Great post ;)

  2. Love this! Coincidently, I wrote about something similar to this yesterday. Thanks for pointing out that we are all good at something. Now, to figure out what I'm good at.... lol

  3. Well said. I used to compare myself to others and it would always bring me down. Once I realized I have my own unique strenghts I was much happier. It makes who we are. By the way, I think you are super creative. I also agree with your friend about how you put outfits together. When you post the closet blogs I think... I could never do that. If I tried I still wouldn't be able to walk out of the house in it. Happy Friday, it's crappy rainy here.

  4. Great post! Love yours and katies blogs!

  5. Very good post! I am so guilty of comparing myself to other friends, women, bloggers...great reminder!!!

  6. I am just realizing this - that I also have something (Lord knows what it is though!) that others can look up to. I actually stopped blogging for a couple of years after having my daughter because I felt I wasn't living up to all the perfect mommy bloggers.