May 6, 2013

It's All About Kendall

My big girl.

My heart.

My best friend.

My Kendall.

You guys!  She's going to be 3 in 3 months.  THREE!  I feel like such a cliche mom saying "time flies" but at the same time I feel like she's been a part of our lives forever and I truly don't even remember our days pre-Kendall.  What did we do with all that "free time"?

When I was filling out her preschool enrollment form I had to put down adjectives that describe her.  If only there were enough line space.  Let's {too smart}, funny, silly, spunky, energetic, independent, busy, talkative, adventurous, kind, strong-willed, sweet, just to name a few.  She's so wonderfully challenging and equally rewarding all at the same time.
She's growing into quite the little lady.  Her manners are so so good, she always says, "no, thank you" and "may I please", always.  Makes me quite happy.  She's still never had a hair cut or trim and I fear the day for both of us.  I don't ever want to lose those ringlets {they're perfect, right?} and she thinks she has hair like Rapunzel so I'm sure if we even tried to trim it it'd be a nightmare.  She's become quite the daddy's girl since Jimmy started working day-shift again and I have to say, I'm OK with it.  I love seeing their relationship grow.

Pretty much everyone that encounters her talks about how smitten they are by her.  Pretty sure she gets a compliment every time we leave the house.  From how adorable she is to how well she talks it just makes my mama heart super proud.  These are obviously things I think/feel on a daily basis.

She loves being a big girl.  She's officially 100% potty trained and even wears panties to bed now!  Big girl status for sure!  She wants to drink from big girl cups all the time, even if the thought of her without a lid still makes me cringe.  She is always saying things like "when I'm older" or "when I get a little bit bigger", mostly when talking about going to preschool or things that she knows are happening in the future.

She's starting to "learn to read" and I use "" because it's basically all memorization from books we've read over and over and over but it's still progress and a step in the right direction.  In the same respect, she is starting to learn songs on the radio.  Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel came on the other day {I'm obsessed} and she started to sing the chorus and I was just beaming.  But, now that means I have to be very careful about what is on the radio when she's in the car.

We went through a period where she wasn't eating much, at all, for a few months.  I don't sweat those things, I know she won't let herself go hungry.  Now, she's gobbling up practically any/everything I give her.  Her favorite thing of the moment?  Hard boiled eggs.  Loves them.  One day she ate 4.  Growth spurt, say what?

Speaking of, can we talk about how tall she's getting?  I'm not saying she's off the charts or anything but now that the warm weather finally decided to show up and I see her little legs in shorts I'm all "HEY, legs!".  She just seems so much bigger.  And then I remember that she's wearing the same shorts she wore last summer so she can't really be that much bigger, right?

She's still very OCD, and I say it in the most endearing way possible.  She is very particular about things being in their place and gets bent out of shape if they are not just so.  Also however something was done the first time, or however she's used to something being done, it has to be that way every time thereafter.  For example, the first time we played on her swing set we were facing west, now every time we swing we have to face the west.  I mean, is that weird?

I love every stage with her, as most moms say, so I just try to soak up each moment in time with her because I know it won't be long till we're on to the next phase.  As much as I'd love to bottle her up I know that the next stage will be just as exciting, fun and rewarding.  I just love seeing her grow into her own little person.


  1. This post made me smile. I can't wait to see the full personality my daughter will have. She's 15 months. The joyous moments of motherhood. Have a great week!


    Sun-Kissed Peony

  2. I think age 3-6 is the best age for kids. My mom teaches preschool obviously because she loves kids at that age and watching them grow and develop. My niece will be 4 this summer which is so hard for me to believe and I love seeing her learn new things and turn into a little person with her own personality, likes and knowledge.

    Your daughter is so flipping cute :)

  3. Love KP updates - yay for potty training being done! You must be so glad to have that out of the way before James arrives!

  4. Just can't believe our girls are going to be 3 in just 3 months....I can't handle this. It's just going to quick. Makes my Mommy heart sad and so happy all at the same time!

  5. I love this post. Kendall is so stinkn' cute!!! Wagon Wheel is my fav at the time too...

  6. I feel like she's one of my own! I love that little princess!!

  7. Jackson has started singing in the car, or at least the words he can remember and it melts my heart every time!! Can't believe she's so close to 3! It really does fly by!

  8. I know she's a doll, I can tell. I know her & Eme would be really adorable little friends if they ever met :)

  9. She is adorable, I can not believe how big she is getting!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. love love love seeing her smiling face!

  11. So sweet! Kendall is precious!

  12. Where is she going to preschool? We've started that conversation.