May 1, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I'm so anxious to have Baby James's nursery complete, even if we have months before we'll "need" it.
  • I was on top of stocking up on diapers with Kendall but so far I've only bought two packs for him.
  • I've been writing a lot of blog posts but I haven't been reading as many.  I'll get caught up, I promise.
  • My poor husband comes home to a wife in yoga pants most days.
  • All Most of my recipes come from Kraft.
  • I swore I was going to get on the treadmill during nap today but we're an hour and half in and I have yet to do so, so I don't see it happening today.
  • I got KP's acceptance letter to preschool and got a little emotional.
  • When I went for my 24 week appointment on Monday my doctor left me in the room w/the ultrasound machine on and the wand in my hand and I totally tried looking for baby brother's face only to find his spine. 
  • I am still laughing at the comments I got on yesterday's post.

Also, the fabulous Miss Tara from Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes is expecting her first little bundle of joy this fall and to celebrate she's hosting a fabulous giveaway.  Do you like shopping?  Would you love to have an outfit styled by THEE Mrs. Gibby?  Then head on over to her neck of the woods and enter!


  1. Alex comes home to me in yoga pants most days. Haha. In my defense I'm usually just getting done working out, but he never gets to see me in real clothes during the week. I can't believe Kendall is going to preschool! Time sure flies!

  2. thanks for sharing these great giveaways.


  3. Since my husband and I saw the movie "Extract" he now notices when I put my yoga pants on. lol

    Most of my recipes come from Kraft too. There, I said it.

    My son is moving up from the PreToddler room to the Toddler room in two weeks, and on Monday when I received the transfer papers I started crying. Like.a.dork. In front of the teacher. I'm sure she's used to it, though.


  4. I love that you used the ultrasound! Did you get pampers swaddlers? Most boy moms like them best :)

  5. I would do the exact same thing if I was left alone with the ultrasound wand lol

    Yoga pants are just so comfy! It's hard NOT to wear them...

  6. I pretty much live in yoga pants or workout gear. Poor husband.

  7. My husband gets home from work right after me and I wake up before him, so he at least gets a glimpse of what I wore to work. Then I'm either in my PJ's by 8 or changing into jeans so I can do some cleaning!

  8. B's lucky if he sees yoga pants. SOmetimes it's so late by the time I see him, it's pj pants!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  9. Oh, guess what... baby's room is almost finished. I begged and nagged until we got the floor and trim installed in one whole weekend. I even have a baby bed up. Go me! I truly can't wait for your baby room reveal.

    I don't know if it matters whose diapers you are stocking up on, at least you will only have to purchase fewer down the road. We are attempting this cloth diapering this and I just got my shipment of 14 cloth's in yesterday. Only 12 more to go for the recommended needed number. I am actually excited about this.

    Your pregnant and a SAHM your allowed to wear yoga pants.

  10. AMEN to the yoga pants. err'day.

  11. I don't even own a pair of yoga pants anymore. I'm so sad about it! That was the best part of being a SAHM...

  12. I don't even own a pair of yoga pants anymore. I'm so sad about it! That was the best part of being a SAHM...

  13. Just found your blog!! New follower! Love it!

  14. Oh gosh, I don't even have an excuse to be in yoga pants by the time Jamie gets home, yet on most days, I am.

    Also, lol about your ultrasound! :)