May 29, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I started using MFP {My Fitness Pal} again.  I need to start being more accountable.  Don't worry I'm not trying to lose weight, just trying to make myself realize I don't need 5 Oreos before bed every night.
  • I'm officially o-v-e-r being pregnant.  Yes, I have 11 more weeks but hot damn I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.
  • I feel bad because I can't do things with Kendall like jump, do somersaults, crawl through tunnels at the park, etc like I want to.
  • Kendall woke up yesterday and said she was "sick" so I took full advantage of the extra cuddles.
  • I got a maternity bathing suit from Seraphine Maternity that I need to do a review of but I'm skuuurrreeed!  This is not a pretty sight, people.
  • I've been begging people to not buy Baby Brother any clothes and I bought him 2 sleepers, an outfit and mittens last week.
  • I had a super hard time finding a newborn hat for Baby Brother.  It's way harder to buy for boys.
  • I still don't know what Candy Crush is all about.
  • I was worried I would have nothing to watch on the treadmill as I'm getting caught up on RHOC and then I saw that RHNJ is starting!  Score!
  • I'm regretting teaching Kendall how to "tell time".  Now every time I say "it's not time" I get a "when the big hand is on the what?!".


  1. I have three children in diapers. My oldest is 4 years old and is autistic. We have not been able to potty train him yet. We tried several brands only to find out that Honest was always the one we went back to. No question! No leaks!
    Jessica Alba Diapers

  2. I agree that boy clothes are much harder to find the right accessories for than girls!

  3. Shannon, you are not alone. I have no idea what Candy Crush is either. Now I am going to google it. Hang tough with the last few weeks of your pregnancy. This is your time of peace, the real work begins when you bring your baby home. Enjoy this time!!!

  4. I've been toying with the idea of tracking what I eat again since my eating is almost out of control. RHONJ is the BEST and I can't wait for it to come on Sunday!!

  5. Candy Crush is addicting. Stay away. LOL As the mom of two boys yes boys clothes are harder to find but they are out there and you will find some lines that you will love.

  6. Honestly, one of the hardest parts of me being pregnant last summer is that I felt awful about not being the "fun" one with Emeline. I couldn't run with her the same way, play at the park the same way, give piggy back rides, etc....I felt SO bad about it. Thankfully, daddy steps up (and let's be honest, he's more fun anyway)---but it sucked! I hated that feeling. SO I totally know what you mean.

  7. I don't know what Candy Crush is either LOL! ;-)

    Love the story about Kendall telling time! I felt that way when I was teaching early Kindergarten too ;-)

    YAY for RHONJ!!!

  8. I think you probably need more like 7 Oreos before bed. You know how to lose weight so who cares how much you gain...says the woman who gained 50 and 60lbs. Ok scratch that, don't listen to me. But seriously breast feeding will help as long as you watch what you eat and workout. My sixty pounds just melted away all while eating close to 2500 calories a day. Now I'm trying to adjust since I've just stopped. I have to eat like a bird now and I drop a single pound.

  9. I haven't decided if teaching my 4 yr old "when the big hand gets to the bottom/to the top" was a good idea or not yet! Ha ha!

    11 weeks will go fast, summer always flies by!

  10. HAHA you are so funny! I think 5 oreos before bed is completely acceptable :) Love this link up girl, hardly miss a Wednesday! :)

  11. Don't be scared to put on the suit woman... I shared mine yesterday (I had 28 days to go in hte pic). Review that baby, you look fab in everything you post.

    My 6 year old knows how to tell time on all clocks... it is the end of "mommy's extra time". Darn those smart kiddos.

  12. Go read my post, and you'll feel better about your 5 Oreos. haha.
    It really is tough shopping for baby boys. All the adorable "little man" outfits are usually 5x more expensive than the girls' stuff. And there's never anything cute on clearance. I feel your pain. :)

  13. hahahaha i love kendall.
    you have less time to go than the first trimester is long!
    im going to go eat oreos now. probably 7+5 of them.

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get the candy crush thing!!!! I haven't put the app on my phone b/c if it is as addictive as they say I don't want to waste time on it. I already waste enough time on the internet! :)

  15. I think you're being very patient if you're just over being pregnant NOW with 11 weeks to go. I'd probably be over it within the first month! :-)

  16. I'm impressed that she can do time so well! I know too many adults that can't tell time that well!

  17. Oh, girl, I am so over being pregnant, too. I have 12 1/2 weeks until my due date and I'm still throwing up every day and getting huge braxton hicks contractions. I am DONE!