June 28, 2013

Baby Fever

This is for future reference.  I know that by the time James Weston is 2 or 3 I'll get the itch and so I need to remind myself of a few things.

Dear Shannon {who thinks that another baby sounds like a good idea},

Yes, you have great pregnancies.  It's always a little scary the first time around because you have no idea what to expect.  Will I get morning sickness?  Will I gain more than the recommended 25-30 lbs.?  Will I get stretch marks?  Will my feet swell?  Will I be a raging biatch?  You had it good with Kendall, it was relatively easy, you didn't get morning sickness, while you gained more than you wanted to {or your doctor recommended} you lost it and then some, you got some stretch marks but that comes with the territory and you never had those awful swollen feet.  The mood swings? Yeah they were a nightmare and Jimmy still won't let you live those down but all in all, you had it good mama.

James Weston has proven to be just as easy so that whole girl pregnancies being different from boy pregnancies isn't true for you.  Minus the achy feet at the end of the day you are pretty much symptom-less.  You are lucky mama and it seems like you were born to grow babies.  Birthing them is a different story, as evident by your c-section scar, but carrying one for 9 months?  You do it well.  Maybe too well.

BUT don't fool yourself now.  You might be thinking, "but this time I won't let the hormones get the best of me" or "I won't gain what I did last time" and I want to tell you, you are wrong.  You told yourself that when you got pregnant with James Weston, you had learned your lesson from your pregnancy with Kendall.  Guess what?  You have gone down the same hormonal path both times.  Except being pregnant while already parenting a child, in this case two, is a whole new ball game.

You know how after a stressful day you can relax with a nice cold one or glass of wine?  Well you can kiss that good-bye for nine long months.  It's going to be even harder this time than last {and you thought it was hard last time, remember?} now that you have two kiddos driving you nuts.  Enjoy your adult bevies, OK?

Those nice relaxing evenings with Jimmy?  Kiss them good-bye because he's going to keep on keeping on and relaxing the night away while you worry about stupid things like whether the Scentsy warmer is turned off or not.  It's not fun for your marriage to get pregnant again, Jimmy's probably still reminding you of this.

Remember how much pregnancy sleep sucks?  You need at least 4 pillows and even then you can't manage to get comfortable.  You are normally OK with your queen sized bed but once you become a human furnace you can't find bed big enough because God forbid Jimmy roll over and breath near you in the middle of the night.  It sucks.

Let's talk about that hot body you are {hopefully} rockin.  Kiss it good-bye too.  Remember how hard you worked to get there after Kendall was born and then you swore to yourself that you would not gain what you gained with her when you got pregnant with James Weston?  Well you are no good at promises and fail miserably at the not gaining too much weight department.  You will most likely gain even more the third time around and that is not OK.  Enjoy being skinny!

Let's just say if you have one more baby you are going to be outnumbered when it comes to the kid to parent ratio and that's not OK.  You can barely keep it together some days so another one in the mix isn't going to help things.  Instead, go visit a friend who just had a baby or, better yet, read this.  You'll thank me later and so will your body and husband.



  1. Love this. I was so that way with sleeping while pregnant. We have a king and it still wasn't big enough. I had pillows galore and was sweaty and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME!

  2. I have a "letter to my "I want a 3rd baby self" " on my fav posts, for this exact reason and my husband is STILL TICKED that I wrote it. bahahaha. But I will keep reading that until I'm blue in the face, cuz momma ain't ready.

  3. "God forbid Jimmy roll over and breath near you in the middle of the night" hahaha :) Ohhhh, you'll have a 3rd one. Just like you said you wouldn't have a 2nd one. You'll have a 3rd. ;) <3

  4. I should write myself a letter like this right now. I always thought I'd have 3 kids. Sam is 2 and Harper is almost 5 months and I can't even imagine adding a third to the mix at this point. Life is CRAZY, but I love it! I know the baby fever will come again though!

  5. Awesome letter! I dont think I will want another, we have 3....but ya never know, I should write one just in case!


  6. This letter is great. Tim is already talking #3. I seriously don't think I can go it again but we will see. Give us a year and then we will talk seriously. I laughed out loud when I read the queen bed/furnace thing. That is SO me. Then hubby rolling over and breathing on you... I put a pillow up between my face and Tim's so he wouldn't breath one me. Maybe I need to write myself this letter, or maybe I should have Tim write one to himself about my pregnancy so he can remind himself of my raging hormones and crabbiness.

  7. I don't have any plans for a baby (quite possibly ever) but I read the blogs of a lot of women who are pregnant and while I know that I can't possibly know for sure how my body would respond to pregnancy, I imagine it would go something like this. I wouldn't be a skinny little twig who loses weight in the first trimester and wears regular clothes until the last couple months - I would see myself gaining easily and looking way more prego way faster than I shouldI would have raging bitch hormone moments and trouble sleeping but over all I wouldnt be sick and I would probably (within reason) eat whatever I wanted to. I like reading your realistic stories of pregnancy - I read too many that paint rainbows and butterflies. Can't wait to see pics of James Weston when he finally arrives. And definitely enjoy that first glass of wine after he does to celebrate!

  8. Lol! I could write one of these letters to myself right now, only about that whole newborns don't let you sleep thing! How could I have blocked that out?

  9. Loved this! But we all know that even this letter can't/won't stop Baby Fever! LOL!