June 11, 2013

The Second Time Around

Everyone says that pregnancy the second time around goes SO FAST. Those people are lying.  OK maybe not lying but those people are not me.  I'm not going to complain, ok maybe a little, because I've had a great pregnancy {both times} really but DUDES is it over yet?  I'm officially at that point, but hear me out.

This time I have a toddler, well almost preschooler, and that makes this time around a little bit tricky.  See, while I feel great I am getting to the point where I can't do the things I {and Kendall} want to do.  Jump at the bounce house?  I don't think that Baby Brother would like that.  Run around the playground?  I get out of breath going up and and down 3 steps.  Heck even carrying her a short distance is getting too much now.  And yes I realize she is old enough and most definitely capable of walking any/everywhere but sometimes it's just easier and faster to pick her up.  But those days are getting numbered, I'm just going to get used to thinks taking a little bit longer and moving a little bit slower.

I feel bad when she wants me to "spin wiff me mommy!" and I get dizzy after one twirl.  I hate that the things I used to be able to do, that I loved to do are now just impossible.  Makes my mommy heart sad.

I had promised myself to make this summer her best one yet since it's her last one as an only child and some days I feel like I'm failing at that.  I mean we have no shortness of fun most days but some days it's parenting from the couch for the win.  I know she won't even remember these days but I will and I want them to be happy memories.

Then there's the weight gain/big belly.  I swear it's because I'm so short {5'3" on a good day} that I show so soon and look bigger than whatever given week I'm in.  I was reminded of this on Saturday when we went to a wedding.  Total strangers were all "when are you due?" and I assume they were expecting me to say "tomorrow" because when I said "oh...August" I got wide eyes and gaping mouths, "oh honey, I'm sorry!  I was hoping there was relief in the near future." was just one of the responses I got.  Gee, thanks.  What not to say to a pregnant woman, rule number one!  Oh and the boob comments.  Like I don't realize they need their own zip code.  I am the one that just bought a 36G bra, I'm well aware that they are out of control, I do not need any reminders.

The past few weeks have brought on a little bit of discomfort.  My feet are achy now which actually happened a lot sooner with KP.  My right hip hurts almost constantly.  I had a maternity massage this weekend and the masseuse could tell that it was definitely my problem area and worked on it a bit longer than everything else.  I'm still not sure if that helped or made it worse.  But other than that, I'm pretty complaint free.  Honest.

I'm really trying to enjoy these pregnant moments because I'm almost 100% positive that this will be our last pregnancy and baby.  I love the baby kicks and rolls.  I love getting all the baby stuff out again.  I love the excitement that comes along with a new baby.  I am so thankful that I've felt amazing this whole time and have avoided morning sickness, swollen feet and pregnancy acne with both of my pregnancies.

The thing about this time around is there is a lot less "prep" work too.  I mean we already have things like the swing, pack n play, bassinet, etc and the nursery is set up, clothes are washed, his bag is packed so it's like we are just waiting around for a baby to show up!  A lot of my preparedness has to do with the fact that we aren't buying and moving into our first home 2 months before D-day either.  Oh and I'm a SAHM now too, so that helps.

I'm still not sure what to think about Kendall.  It could really go either way with her, she could be the best, most loving, helpful big sister ever or completely hate the idea.  I'm hoping for the first scenario, obviously, and doing my best to prepare her in hopes of her getting really excited when he's here.  My BFF just had a baby 2 weeks ago and we've been around her twice now and Kendall is interested and says things like "look at her tiny feet!!!"  but then she doesn't want to hold her or anything which is actually cool with me.  I'd love it if she were like that with her brother but only time will tell.

Oh another thing, wine is harder to abstain from this time around.  I blame The Toddler/Terrible Twos-Almost Threes.  That's all.


  1. I just found out that I'm pregnant a few weeks ago and my boobs, good grief they are HUGE already! I am well on my way to a G bra too girl! I agree that the second time probably is not much easier, having watched my sister in law be pregnant with a two year old and all of her struggles. You'll get through it and hopefully August will be here before you know it!

  2. Oh. It doesn't go faster. But I think it goes faster for everyone else. For you? SLOW. Because your days are still revolving around the toddler child--even while you're sick or miserable or sore, etc. But--one he gets here? Um. Yea. It flies. Well, for me.

    I read this post today and you might enjoy it--http://www.thenatos.com/2013/06/enjoying-not-enduring.html :)

  3. You are in the home stretch! I am sure Kendall will be a super big sister and very helpful. All your baby brother things will be all lined up for you :) Cannot wait to see KP with her baby brother. Aw a new baby, (I am not ready, I am not ready, I am not ready) perhaps if I repeat that a million times I wont want another so badly!

  4. I wanted to smack those people who said the second pregnancy flew by. My draaaagged even slower than the first. And at 5'4 I feel your pain with the giant belly. I was pretty much a house by the end with C

  5. When I was pregnant with G, I got so many stares and rude comments too. I think when you are short and having a boy and it's your second pregnancy, it comes with the territory. Sucks but it's worth it in the end!

  6. I'm having my first baby due in October and I'm also 5'3 and already feeling pretty big in the belly. I feel your pain! And I can't believe all the comments people made. Ugh/but you do look great! hugs, april

  7. I think you're right about the height thing. I'm only 5'2 and I showed instantly with both mine. This time around I am definitely smaller but with my first, I was huge! Also missing the booze a bit more this time around. I also blame the toddler and the fact that it's Summer and Summers are meant for drinking on your deck! Not too much longer Momma!

  8. It's always an eternity...lol The first few weeks after Emma was born, my 3 year old JD was a bit jealous (we have tried extra hard to only cuddle with baby after he goes to sleep) so it was a lot of ups and downs but in the end, he grew to love her. I'm pretty sure Kendall will too :)

  9. You look amazing!!!! I feel your pain, I wish I could say this is our last one. But I hubby wants two of his own, I don't think I can deny him that. I have warned him that I don't think I can mentally or physically handle another pregnangy but we will see.

  10. oh my gosh. this hip pain is definitely creeping its way into my life. i can feel them all the time it seems like.
    5'2 with big boobs? i hate. i feel you sista!

  11. What I didn't like about the 2nd time around was that it wasn't all new and as exciting as the first time. Kind of like old hat. People weren't as excited for us, they didn't ask a million times how I was feeling, etc. And I'm like you, I get ha-uge! with my pregnancies. Also, where did you find a 'g' cup bra?? I already start out large, know I will need something in the gigantic category when I get pregnant and start growing more. :) Thanks!


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