June 12, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I let Kendall eat chips and salsa, a Handi-Snack and an apple for dinner last night.
  • I got "dressed up" to go to the doctors yesterday.  To a SAHM leaving the house is huge so why not get dressed up?
  • It may be cooler outside than inside our house but I still have the air on. 
  • Kendall peed the bed the other night and rather than change sheets in the middle of the night I just put a towel down.
  • I just got my PayPal MasterCard and it's like a door opened to endless online shopping possibilities.
  • I ignore phone calls sometimes.  Just because I have my phone available doesn't mean I have to answer it.  Right?
  • I totally fell for the Brady Bands trend and ordered myself 4 last week.  You guys were right!  Those things rock my socks AND really do stay put!
  • I get really annoyed when I type up a response to a comment someone leaves me only to find out that they have a no-reply email address.  Burns my biscuits!
  • Normally we keep our a/c on 75 during the day, these days?  Nothing above 70.  I'm going to hate our electric bill.
  • I don't really need anymore Scentsy but I could not resist some of their new spring/summer scents and placed an order yesterday.
  • I want to hire a landscaper to come and rip everything, yes everything, that is not a tree or bush out of our yard.  It's like a jungle out there.
  • I also want to hire a house cleaner for these next few months.  I cannot keep up like I used to and I'm sure with a newborn it'll be even worse.
  • I can't wait for preschool to start.  I think Kendall is going to thrive and love it, I'm excited for her.


  1. Simplify your life anyway you can girl, the end of your pregnancy with a toddler is way too tiring not to. Oh and you're only 100 away from 2K followers! You go girl! xoxo

  2. We keep our ac at 74, that is when I'm allowed to turn it on :) my husband is a cheap skate.

  3. Our a/c has been blasting lately because I'm always warm. This is a totally new concept to me. I actually made j cold yesterday, which I didn't thinly wad possible. Oh pregnancy hormones!

  4. In ALWAYS cold. Until I get pregnant, apparently! Typically, out house is 72/75 during the day, 69 at night. Now? 72 always and 68 at night! I am too hot for this nonsense.
    Cleaning? Ugh. Don't even get me started! I feel like I clean ALL DAY LONG and you can't even tell. It's so frustrating. Makes me want to stop. Then I see how dirty it really gets. Yuck.

  5. My biscuits totally get burned when I reply to a no-reply comment too!!!

    yay for preschool! K will love it!

    I wish I lived close to you so I could come rip out your landscaping -- I love doing that stuff!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. I've been lurking around on some So What Wednesday posts from your blog and some others for a while now. Thought I'd join in today for the first time :) So fun!!!

  7. My kid ate way too much guacamole at dinner last night, but he loves it, so oh well! At least he ate it.

    My aunt told me she used to put three sets of sheets on my cousin's bed so that when they wet in the middle of the night, she just peeled the top sheet and waterproof mattress protector off to reveal clean sheets and went back to bed. Then in the morning she ran the laundry and reset the bed for the next night. I am keeping this in the back of my mind for when I need it.

  8. Honey, our a/c in on 67. I too will get really sick when I see the power bill but I am just a hot mess right now to care. I even sleep with zero blankets.

    I have hired a house cleaner. Actually her name is My Mom :-) My house is too big to clean right now and standing is a little difficult so she has come everyother week to clean the house(since April) and my husband and son are taking orders from me to pick this up, do those dishes, wipe that off.. until she comes again. I don't know what I would do without My Mom. As far as the landscaping that is most likely something I will need to do on maternity leave, hubby isn't home until dark and I don't need him pulling out my hostas or poenies.

  9. i want to hire a house cleaner. i dont know why i am having the hardest time finding one. i think mainly because they all want to come over for a consult first?? aint nobody got time for that.
    its been about 65 outside, and about 62 in our house. AC? love. what a god send. no matter the outside temp ;)
    brady bands - i want to order one for delivery! thanks for reminding me!!!

  10. why do people still have no replys?!?!?!?

  11. Haha this is awesome, I will definitely be doing this next week! :)