July 17, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I have a laundry list of things I need to get done but the things I want to get done always trump them.
  • I went on a mini post-partum shopping spree.  Kendall starts preschool less than one month after James Weston will be born and I have to look appropriate.
  • I always feel better about online shopping because of my Ebates cash back. It's like I'm always getting a sale!
  • We scheduled my c-section but I'm still hoping/praying Baby Brother comes sooner.  These last few weeks are hard.
  • I still need to write and mail thank you cards from my sprinkle which was nearly a month ago.
  • The nursery has been finished for quite some time now {minus the glider cushion cover} and I've been a total slacker on taking pictures to share.  Perhaps tomorrow.
  • We were supposed to conserve energy yesterday between 2-6 and I was definitely doing laundry, cooking dinner and watching TV.
  • I am counting down the days till preschool starts.  I think we are both going to benefit from the away time.
  • Kendall only wore bathing suits and nightgowns on our vacation.  That is it.
  • I am literally doing nothing for Kendall's birthday party this year.  Chuck E Cheese is taking care of everything and I like it that way.  I might make a cake and favor bags, maybe.
  • I didn't really miss blogging while I was gone.  I thought I'd come back full of inspiration, ready to write, but nope.  I've got nothing.


  1. Here's hoping the baby decides to make an arrival on his own :)

  2. Maybe it's summer, maybe it's just me, but I've had a terrible time finding motivation to blog this summer. I always look forward to reading yours and missed you while you were gone! Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, I can't wait until I can feel that uncomfortable too-pregnant feeling again!

  3. I've been slacking in the blog world this week. The only reason last week was so full was because they were blogs I had started and just needed to finish/edit. I think it's a summer thing.

    Last night, we dropped some $$ at Target and the whole time, I was telling James we should be shopping online THROUGH EBATES so I could get the cash back.

  4. I will start the Ebates shopping some day. I have signed up and get the emails but yet to purchase anything.

    We had Carter's birthday party this past Saturday and my mom took care of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING, cake, food, plates/utensils, drinks, favors... you name it. I offered to pay for it and she says... You have a new born. Let me take care of this so Carter feels special and you take care of the new born. DEAL!!

  5. I feel the same way with ebates! It's like I don't want to shop somewhere that doesn't have cashback! Sometimes I look and see if the site is affiliated with ebates and if not, I'll find it somewhere else that is!

    Don't worry, my list never gets done!

  6. Love the name! I have a 2 year old named Weston James!