July 24, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I started tracking my calories again.  I am so beyond ready to get back on the fit train.
  • I have Kendall's sand/water table in the living room currently b/c it's too rainy outside.  Call me crazy, go ahead.
  • I watch Big Brother After Dark during nap and I may or may not pretend like I'm in the house while it's on.  Obsessed much?
  • I do not care, one bit, about the Royal Baby. What about MY baby?
  • I'm kind of itching for a new blog design.
  • I went and got a pedicure last week, kinda sorta hoping that the rumors of pressure points inducing labor would come true.
  • After vacation my child is OBSESSED with Gatorade G2, obsessed.  She calls it her "G", "mommy where's my G?!".  
  • I'm dying to see our professional pics that were taken on vacation.  We got a sneak of 9 images and now I'm obsessively stalking the photogs blog for more.
  • Even though we have a c-section date scheduled, I really hope I go in labor before then. I am beyond ready to meet this baby.
  • I haven't gotten emotional about Kendall no longer being an only child.  Yet.
  • I finally got Baby Brother his first monogrammed piece of clothing.  Looks like we're going with James for his name.
  • Jimmy and I thought we stumbled across this little yummy hole in the wall {Pies and Pints}when we were in Charleston, only to find out we have one here, at home.  


  1. Water/sand table inside? You are a brave woman! ;)

    So funny that you hope to go into labor before. I was the opposite. NO. I WANT MY C-SECTION. Do NOT come out yet. Haha.

  2. Our water table is inside! We can't keep it outside because when it finally stops raining the mosquitos are searching for places to lay their devil eggs. Honestly, I think he has more fun with it dry in the house than he does outside with rain, lol!

  3. That last one made me laugh!:)

  4. I don't care about the royal baby either ... It's always nice to know I'm not alone. ;)

  5. I hate that I don't have time to watch BB After Dark....it was always so entertaining when Britney was in the house.

  6. When Noah was little we put rice in his sand table so it would more inside friendly. Rice is MUCH easier to clean up than sand... I promise =)

  7. I for serious want to order the BB live feed.... hubs thought I was kidding when I asked about ordering, so I played along and let him think I really was kidding lol

  8. I love big brother. We are cool like that. And we even watch some BB after dark (which is SNOOZE FEST) as background noise sometimes, too. I mean, we pay attention when necessary--but I love summer mainly for big brother. Truth.

  9. Love big brother. And I totally think I am in the house too, every season.

  10. "I watch Big Brother After Dark during nap and I may or may not pretend like I'm in the house while it's on. Obsessed much?" Hahah glad I'm not the only one!