August 21, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesdsay

Honored would be a minor understatement that the lovely Shannon has allowed me to post here on her amazing blog!! I am so happy for her and her family that they have added their precious James into their lives and I wish them all the love and happiness that a new baby brings into life.
With that being said...Shannon did ask me to post for her "So what Wednesday" which is probably the coolest link up I have been a part of and need to do more often for sure. I am sure we all have plenty of things we want to say "so what" to! :)
So What Wednesday are mine!

This week I am saying "so what" to..

- if the person behind me in costco has one item and I let them go in front of me and that may piss the other people in line off- c'mon it's one freaking item and I have 20- big deal!

- if I am letting my girls stay up til 10pm during the summer...they are finally getting to see daddy before they go to bed during the week and that means so much to me

- if I use dry shampoo to pretend like I have showered when I am just sitting in the backyard with the girls soaking up some sun :)

-if I am letting Kelsey hit 3 (on 8/22) before potty training her- we have tried many times and she just isn't ready, so why drive myself nuts right?

-if now I am getting a MAJOR baby itch because Shannon has just added a sweet baby boy into her family and I would love to do the same- I think both of my girls would be amazing big sisters!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Many thanks again to Shannon for giving me this opportunity, and if you have a moment and want to come over to my blog Love to the Moon I would love to have you!

Lots of love:

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  1. I'm right there with you and potty training. My son was about 3.5 before he was really ready but when he was it took less then a week for total training night too. My youngest is now 2.5 and I've asked a couple times but he get so upset I will let him tell me when he is ready too. I will not be the mom that is running them to the bathroom every few minutes for months on end.