October 31, 2013


Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm not pregnant.

No, in fact, this post is the exact opposite of a pregnancy announcement.

I am craving some adult time.

I love my babies to the depth of my soul, I love them so.  I love them so much that I make "appetizers" out of peanut butter sandwiches {mini toothpicks included} because Kendall loves it and gets a kick out of it every time.  Sure it's more time consuming but it makes her happy and that makes me happy.  I love them so much that if I even hear James yawn in the middle of the night I scoop him up and claim "he wouldn't go back to sleep" and put him in bed with me.  I love them.  Get it?

BUT I need time away from them too.

Being a SAHM is all I've ever wanted and I know I am whiny sometimes and joke that it's wine o'clock in the middle of the day but I truly think this is where I'm meant to be. I want to be the one raising my babies, shaping them into the little humans they are.  I want to wake up in the middle of the night and know that I can take my time rocking them back to sleep because I don't have to wake up early in the morning for work. I was a working mom and as hard as being a SAHM is, I think being a working mom was equally as exhausting.  I look back on my pre-SAHM days and wonder how I ever managed to do it all.  I'm home and most days, lately, I still feel like I'm drowning.

Now is one of those days.  I am staring at a playroom that looks like a tornado hit it.  Dirty baby bottles have been sitting in the sink since last night.  I have emails to respond to that date back to last week.  My laundry will never be caught up.  And right now I just want to be free of it all.  Or at least an all day babysitter so that I can catch up on it all.

Jimmy and I try to get a date night in every so often but not often enough, in my opinion.  Most of our weekends are spent with our friends who have kids and we all get together and the kids play and we "oooh and ahhh" over how freakin' adorable they are.  We like it that way and so do our kids.  I love that my babies are going to be close with the babies of the people I've been close with since kindergarten.

I've heard stories of women who have kids that are Kendall's age that have never left them with a sitter, never spent a night away from them and they like it that way.  I am not one of those people. I am the mom who feels that she is a better mom when she gets a little break.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder type of thing.  And it's true, whether we get a few hours or a whole night away we cannot wait to get them back home ASAP and the next day is usually an awesome love fest.

So where do you stand?  Do you crave a night away, like I do?  Or are you a mom who can't bare the thought?  How often do you get "me" time or a date night?


  1. If my ocd granddaughter would stay the night you could possibly have some adult time.

  2. I'm curious about how I'll be. Currently, I don't plan on spending 24/7/365 with my kid. One, I'll have to work, so I'll be gone then. But, I also want to make sure that I still find time for myself and my husband. I know so many people who let their relationships with themselves, their friends, and their spouses drift apart because they are ALL about the baby. But, we will see when he gets here. Who knows, I might go all obsessed and never want to leave.

  3. I am defo a mum that craves away time! In my opinion it makes me a far better mother (and wife!) and my daughter appreciates me more as well. Mike (my hubby) and I are quite lucky that in his 2 weeks at home my sister will babysit at least one of those nights so we can get a date night. I have also had one weekend away with my sister and Mike had a weekend away with his friends as well. However this weekend is the big one! Myself and the husband are away Friday night to London for 3 WHOLE NIGHTS and in fact by the time we get home on Monday our daughter will be in bed so she won't see us till Tuesday. To say I am nervous is an understatement, but I know she will be fine with her sitters (my mum, my sister and her surrogate aunty who also happens to be a paedatric nurse) and I know it will be good for Mike and I to have that time together. She is now 15 months so I think it is time for us all to have a break. All mums are different and there are some who cannot bear the thought of leaving their children but I am definitely not one of them.

    PS I also joke about wine o'clock at very inappropriate times of the day and I only have one child!!

  4. I have to have my adult time away from my girl (and unborn bebe) or I will lose my shit.
    I know a lot of moms out there think that makes me a bad mom or that they love their kid(s) more then I do but I do not think that is the case. I dont want my relationship with my husband, friends, or even myself to suffer bc I refuse to leave my babies. They need that interaction with others just as much as we do.

  5. I thought I would be the same. But it turns out that being away for work (10 hours a day) is enough for ME. I refuse to leave her any more than that. We fit in dates and time together when she is sleeping. I mean she goes to bed at 7:30PM. We get ready and go out then. The thought of leaving her when she is awake or someone else trying the bedtime routine about breaks me heart (and probably hers too as she nurses herself to sleep still). Perhaps I'll be ok leaving her when she is older but not right now (or in the near future)!

  6. my son is almost 2 and I am just like you.. I crave and very much enjoy my time away. He has stayed over night with my Mom several times in his life already. She is over the moon for the grandma time, he learns its ok to not be around Mom 24/7 and I get sanity. Win-win-win. :-)

  7. I'll be interested to see how I am when the baby arrives. I have to go back to work so there will be 8-9 hours a day I won't be with my little one at least 4 days a week since I plan to work from home one day. I think it's important for any mom to take time for herself to take a shower, eat a meal alone or with friends, get her hair done or have a date with her husband. I think it makes them all better moms. My mom and dad left us with babysitters and guess what, we LOVED it!!! We got to hang out with a cool teenager, eat pizza and watch movies?!? It was the best and I plan to do the same with our daughter :)

  8. i LOVE time away from them. not ashamed to admit that :) haha.

  9. I find that I need more time away now that I have a second. It didn't really bother me that much when I had my daughter but now that there are two of them, I hardcore crave some time away. I always miss them like crazy and I am always so happy to get back to them whenever we do leave them for a few hours. We are planning to take a trip without the kids in the next few weeks, just a weekend getaway, and I'm anxious to see how we do without them!

  10. I've never spent a night away from C. We do date nights maybe once a month if we have time.

  11. I need my grownup time. That said I was also only 21 when Boomer came into the world, and I've been doing it mostly on my own for 7 years. I still think even if I had done things differently and with a supportive partner I'd still need my me time. I'm never going to be a mom that hates being away from her kiddo, or couldn't bear to leave her with a sitter. Although....I went on a 5 day vacay without her once. By day 3 I wanted to go home SO BAD :)