October 22, 2013

Life With Two {Part Three}

I kinda thought that having a second child would be much like riding a bike.  Once you do it, you never forget kind of thing. I mean, right?  You know how to change diapers, live on little sleep, pick up things with your feet and do way too many things with just one hand.

I wrote about life with two in the {way} very early days of life with two-ness.  I was quickly slapped in the face and handed a big dose of reality just days later and that was documented as well. Now I'd like to think things are a little bit more "normal" around these parts and, so, I should report on that as well.

Truth be told, I forgot what it was like to have a baby!  I mean, really.  I forgot how much they sleep {A LOT}. I forgot how they can't help dress themselves so it's literally like threading a needle when it comes to dressing a newborn.  I forgot how it's all a huge freakin' guessing game since they can't verbalize what's bothering them. I forgot how easy they are, no talking back, no protesting bed time.  I forgot how lovable they are.

I find myself holding, talking, cuddling, smiling, being so heart-bursting, tear-inducing in awe of him and I forgot that I felt all of this once before.  The days seem long but the years are short and I have forgotten all of these mushy feelings.  I need these mushy feelings.

James has softened me.  He has reminded me how precious this time is and to cherish it with my whole, entire heart.  He's slowed me down.  He's made me be more patient.  He's made me more loving.  He's made us a family unit that is now complete.

Kendall has been amazing through all of these transitions.  As much as I'd like to say that we've maintained life as normal for her, that'd be a lie. She's had to adjust to a lot less mom time but at the same time I'm a lot more fun than I've been in the past 9 months.  She's had to learn a lot of patience as I'm not available at the drop of a hat anymore.  She's learned to love yet another human being and she's done it all in stride.  If you met her you'd think she's been rocking this whole big sister role her whole life.  She rocks.

We're still getting the hang of a routine and schedule, I have yet to master that.  James is pretty chill.  He was sleeping what seemed like 24/7 but lately he's been awake more than asleep, except at night.  I can't complain because I love his guts and I love seeing his bright eyes and listening to him "talk" to me.

Which brings me to my next point.  With Kendall I was all "NO BABIES IN THE BED!!!" and no matter what I never brought her into bed with us.  It was a HUGE no, no.  With James?  Meh.  It's all good. I mean, he's only a baby once, right?  I justify it by saying I can't sleep when he sleeps because of The Toddler so I just need to sleep when I can.  So if that means he sleeps with me, so I can sleep, so be it.  When in reality I just really don't mind.  I know this will come back to bite me in the ass but for now I'm cool with it.

Number two, or whatever the last baby may be, seems to get away with a lot more that the first didn't.  I'm OK with that.  Kendall {first born} also got a lot more one on one time than he's getting so it's all good.

Life with two has evoked so many emotions and made me remember so many little things that I had forgotten. Things I hope I don't forget now that I've experienced them twice.  I really should have had a baby book for each of these kiddos but...at least I have this blog?


  1. Glad things are going so well for you guys. I'm sure there's the good and the bad days, but it seems like you guys are doing awesome!

  2. Oh man...two is hard! We are getting more used to it here, week six. I forgot about the sleep deprivation and she's a good night sleeper, up at 2and 5 to eat.

    I make a point each day to hold her while she sleeps at least 30 min, she's already growing too fast!

  3. Beautiful post! I'm going to check out part one. We have a 13 month old and are starting to think about baby#2 but the thought of two kids to take care of terrifies me. This gives me hope. :) -Andrea

  4. GIRL I had Lucy all up in my bed for-freaking-ever (for us) and never did that with Eme. It became a matter of survival. It will not bite you in the ass later, swear. You will be FINE. Lucy is a well adjusted, happy-to-go-to-her-crib, good-sleeping-baby now. Do what works. :)

  5. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful all of the newbornness is while I'm encased in stress over the impending sleepless nights with two!

  6. Since I have a brand new 2 year old and 6 week old, I feel like I could have written this. Great post - I plan on doing one similar...when I find time! :)

  7. HAHA!! I was so the same about babies in bed. With Liv, I said "she needs to figure things out on her own!" With Avery it was "Oh my god what will shut you up so I can go back to bed?!" And for the record, they will all eventually sleep in their own bed. It might be in their own college dorm :) But it happens!


  8. Hank sleep on my belly on the sofa for what seemed like FOREVER. And now he's asleep in his crib and I'm sipping wine and catching up on my favorite bloggers... AND jealous of your sweet baby snuggles. Go figure. Love ya girl. And of course Kendall rocks as a big sister. Told you.

  9. I'm adding I meant Hank slept*
    Hate grammatical errors. Ok, off to bed.

  10. I love how the second one slows you down, makes you realize that you are good at this momma thing and makes you less anxious about so many things. I was a pretty neurotic mom until I had my second baby (who just turned 2) and he completely changed me and my parenting. Second babies are awesome!