October 16, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
Life After I Dew

  • I have a few blog posts written in my head, ok in my notes on my phone, but I have no time to write them.
  • I haven't even started packing for Florida and we leave bright and early Friday morning.
  • I've been drinking afternoon coffee nearly every day lately.
  • I'm fairly certain that holding James so much in his early days is coming back to bite me in the butt now.  
  • I am still craving fall pictures but the fall is always so busy for us {hunting season} that I'm afraid we'll never get any taken.
  • James has no "summer" clothes to wear while we're in FL. He's already in 6 month clothes and all of his 6 month stuff is winter and I'm not buying new clothes for him to wear for 5 days.  He'll just wear a onesie all week.
  • A lot of bloggers have really good giveaways going on right now.  I hope I win one which is why I'm not telling you who has them ;-).
  • I'm kinda obsessed with gold right now.
  • I really want to get James used to sleeping in his crib so I've been putting him in there for naps.  Except right now because he's asleep next to me and I never wake a sleeping baby.
  • I've gotten some negative feedback on my 31 Days series.  I've gotten way more positive feedback.
  • I'm a little bit too excited that we currently have NickJr.  With our cable package we don't get it so this is some sort of glitch, I'm sure.  YAY for new shows {we are OVER PBS Kids}.
  • I'm super duper pissed that Dish Network and NBC can't seem to get their shit worked out and now I have to go without Biggest Loser, Parenthood and The Voice.    


  1. Hunting season put a real damper on our plans this time of year as well. However I have conjoled a local photography into a Sunday morning fall fam session (no hunting here on Sundays) to get it DONE. So excited seeing how we have NO offical family pictures with our daughter :/ Jealous of a Florida vacay! I am in desperate need. However being I am a federal government employee and currently on a forced vacay I doubt we will be going on one anytime soon!

  2. I'm an afternoon coffee girl too....everyday.

  3. welcome to the world of bubble guppies. and yes, afternoon coffee is my treat when the girls are sleeping, hallelujah amen.

  4. Yes, thank heavens you have another channel to babysit your children for you. Is that your secret to cultivating patience?

  5. what the hell, how rude??? lol goodness how do you deal with people?

  6. Nick JR is a staple in my house. My son loves it and picks it over most other channels. Have fun in Florida and there is nothing wrong with a baby wearing a onesie. Just saying he'll be so cute whatever he wears. :)

  7. The loss of Parenthood would be devastating! Hang in there ;)


  8. I am super excited I made the link up in the teens, normally I am like 200+, look at me being on top of things. There is nothing wrong with only wearing onsies. O is in 6-9 months already, at 4 months. I think we are in trouble when it comes to putting our boys in clothes- holy chunky butts. Have fun on your Florida trip.

  9. I gave up coffee pre-Jackson...now, I'm a 2 cup a day-er. Seriously, I couldn't make it without my 3 o'clock cup of coffee these days.

  10. Sorry to read that you have had negative feedback on your 31 days series. I have really enjoyed reading the posting a they are very real and honest. Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  11. i always crave pictures until we schedule them. then i become WAAAY to stressed over what to wear and immediately regret my decision. lol.
    amen to the coffee.
    amen to a million posts on the iphone and no time to write to them.
    YAY for florida! i am jealous!!!
    parenthood is my jam.
    love you doll!

  12. and crue is still in newborn! we have had to buy MORE newborn clothes and some winter ones. i am so sad that he wont ever wear the 0-3 summer outfits we got. you keep growing jdub!

  13. You're one of the sweetest bloggers I know and your honest and upfront blog attracts some of the nastiest haters... I seriously dislike blog trolls!

    So just curious... we have dish network too but we still have NBC, come to think of it we've never not had NBC. I know that I've lost the style network but I like its replacement, The Esquire Network... it still plays severely cut and butchered sex and the city marathons!

    Have fun in Florida... I'm rather jelly... I want/need a vacation before I have my baby... I'm six weeks away!

    Speaking of fall pictures, I probably should work on getting my Maternity photo shoot booked... hmmm....

  14. Hooray for afternoon coffee. I am kiddo-less and I still drink it ;)