October 2, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

    Life After I Dew
  • I forgot all about the "31 days of.." challenge until I saw everyone else doing it yesterday.
  • I didn't want to write this SWW post.  I have a feeling our SWW days our numbered.
  • Our 4 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we've got nothing planned.
  • I was sad that none of Kendall's teachers commented on how cute her snacks were yesterday. I mean I made a Pinterest snack for crying out loud.
  • I thin printed leggings are hideous.  I'm looking at you Aztec design.
  • I really like Bethenny's talk show.
  • We have yet to have any real family pictures taken since James has been born.
  • Speaking of which, I never sent birth announcements either.
  • I will run the dishwasher if it's just to wash bottles. I LOATHE hand-washing bottles.
  • I got a nasty comment on my weight loss update last week. I got a super sweet POSITIVE comment in person at the supermarket yesterday.
  • I get emotional at the beginning of Lion King.  I mean everyone is all excited to see Simba and Mufasa is all proud. It's so fresh on my new mom heart.
  • I have no idea what my kids will be for Halloween.  Jimmy votes Star Wars.  #obviously


  1. Ugh. Bethany sucks. Her face pains me. I know, I know. I'm the ONLY one who thinks this way.

    1. I agree!! Cannot stand her either!

  2. Ugh ignore the haters!! You just had a baby and look amazing. Me thinks someone (ahem troll commenter) was a little insecure about themselves! You are such an inspiration for me (with no kids) to get my butt into shape! Peace and love to ya girlie!

  3. My 4 year is on the 17th. LOL funny we both have similar anniversaries and out kids are the same ages, give or take a few weeks.

    I'm on the fence about the leggings. I think if you are in your early 20's maybe but any older you may look ridiculous. I'm waiting for our professional shots to send announcements. I'm super anal about those kinds of things....and Xmas cards. Probably to the point I drive myself crazy!

    Riley is going to wear the pumpkin suit Brayden wore for his first Halloween. Easy free done! Now for him, no clue!

  4. I can't deal with the crazy printed leggings! Target had some that looked like outer space. RIDICULOUS.

  5. I've been married for 9 years and we never do anything. LOL we are so slack. Next year is 10 so we should maybe plan something.

  6. Oh please oh please don't let our SWW days be numbered :( I love this link up!
    I think you look beautiful and you're honestly such an inspiration - ignore the grumpy bitches!
    Hope you have a lovely anniversary xx

  7. I never sent birth announcements, to be honest I don't see the point. By the time you send them everyone has already seen photos, know the name etc. Oh and I hate printed leggings as well.

  8. I can take Bethenny in small doses. Thot I'd love her show but I get sick of her interrupting her guests all the time. A pet peeve of mine. :)

    I've never sent birth announcements but have thot of doing it this time. We'll see...

    I hope SWW never ends, but if you decide to give it up let's talk, I would love to start hosting it.

  9. Ok, we need to do pictures asap! Like this week:)

  10. i love this link up! keep it going! I'm with you on the aztec leggings! I mean really? Are we 12?

  11. This is my favorite link up so I hope you don't get rid of it! Why would anyone be negative about your weight loss? I think you look great! Sounds like a nice lifestyle change rather than a diet. I'm a big fan of birth announcements but that's just me. My husband and I didn't have anything planned for our anniversary either. We had a 3 week old so it was kind of hard. We wound up going out to dinner with the kids. Happy Anniversary!

  12. I think the only thing youre supposed to do on anniversaries is boomboom. But then again, this is coming from a single girl, so what do I know

  13. Totally didn't do 2nd kid announcements. Made them. Never sent. Sorry Lu!

  14. I send Oli's announcements 8 weeks after he was born- they got out :-) Printed leggins are disgusting, any design. I love your SWW's but I understand if it becomes a monthly thing. Negative Nancy's are just jealous of what you have accomplished. Keep on keepn' on- your doing great.

  15. Forgot to do announcements too! I was busy trying to figure out how to breastfeed ha. I am so glad I got over "handwashing" bottles. Sometimes, I look back and just shake my head at myself and some of the things I got worried about (first time mommy problems) ha.

  16. i cheated and made my own birth announcements on picmonkey so i wouldnt have to pay so much money & printed them at walgreens. and i didnt even send THOSE out either. mom fail.

  17. I loathe printed leggings. They are only appropriate if you're under the age of 8. Also, we celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday with taco cabana and a card purchased on the way home. He had to remind me the night before that it was our anniversary.

  18. I just started following your blog, and I love the idea of SWW! I'll participate next week if you keep doing them :-)


  19. Confession: I only had the announcements made for a keepsake for her to hopefully look back on when she's reminiscing in her older years...because she'll do that right?
    Just had our first family of 4 pics taken last weekend. By 6 months, pretty sure Mia had about 4 photosessions and we'd taken at least 2 family shots.

  20. I hate Aztec print. I love other patterned leggings though. Truth? The little kid ones are the cutest and I'm totally going to buy some little girls' XL ones.

  21. I love Bethenny's talk show! I have always loved her on her own shows.