October 1, 2013

thirty one days

Today marks day one of The Nester's thirty one days challenge.  I kinda sorta totally forgot about this challenge until I saw all the other people posting their amazing journeys that they'll be taking over the course of the next month.  And then I remembered my own challenge, last year, and how great my results were.

I knew this year I wanted to do something bigger.  Something I really struggle with.  Something that would not only help me but help my family be better.  I knew I wasn't going to do this unless or until I came up with something great.  So I thought all day about it.  I asked myself what the ONE thing I struggle with the most is.  And then it hit me.  One word.


Whether it's with Kendall, Jimmy's stupid work, the dogs barking, the Internet loading slowly, the Keurig not making my coffee fast enough, Dish Network for getting rid of NBC {seriously!?} you name it I have about zero patience.  I get frustrated easily and blow up quickly and I hate that about myself.  I always regret it and find myself praying to God daily to please give me patience.  But it has to start with me.

So over the next thirty one days I'm going to slow down.  I'm going to take deep breaths, walk away, think before I speak.  I will ask for help.  I will take more mommy time-outs. I will not get so worked up about things I cannot change.  I will relax, not be so uptight.  I will let things fall by the wayside.

I will be better for me and my family.

We deserve it.


  1. i told a new mommy group today about how much i lack in the patient department. i am awful. totally joining you on this one!

  2. Good luck. I need to work on the patience thing to. It's like I have it for certain things and those things don't really matter. The things that count there is zero patience.

  3. Maybe reading your blog everyday will motivate me-because I fail miserably in this area!!

  4. I need to work on this as well, and my awful habit of worrying all the time!

  5. I really struggle with patience too. Even this morning, something little happened and I became inpatient and the problem was solved in 5 minutes. Slowing down is definitely a good idea, I promised myself last year I was going to do that for 3 months. It was a great 3 months! I'm not sure what happened that caused me to regress but your post is a good reminder that I need to check myself too.

  6. Thanks for being honest about this. I struggle with the same and sometimes I feel like I'm the only mom on the planet that doesn't have patience.

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