November 29, 2013

Black Friday...

Well well well, I hope you all had a fantastic, belly stuffing, thankful day yesterday!  If you are up and reading this this early one of two things is probably happening, 1. you are a crazy and going to do Black Friday shopping with the rest of the crazies or 2. your boss is a dick and is making you work and therefore you will show him/her by doing nothing aka reading blogs.

Do you Black Friday shop?

I have never and will never {famous last words} torture myself with such an event.  I mean, people have been killed over what?  A discount on a Wii that their kid probably played with through mid-January and then tossed it to the side with the XBox your almost killed yourself for last year.

I don't get the appeal.  I love shopping just as much as the next person but I don't love chaos.  All the people, the waking up early, the not that great of prices.  I think I read somewhere that MOST of what is "on sale" for Black Friday was actually cheaper the closer it got to Christmas or even right after.  So...there's that.

Now wait till the day Kendall or James wants some super awesome, only available ON Black Friday gift.  Then I'll be elbowing bitches in the face with the rest of the Walmart-ers.  Until then, I'll shop from my home, in my PJs while making money via ebates and, who knows, maybe I'll even spring for gift wrapping while I'm at it.

How about you?  Do you subject yourself to the torture that is Black Friday?  Have you ever gotten one hell of a deal?  I want to hear your crazy stories, you crazies.


  1. no black friday for me either! and DEFINITELY not any shopping out in public. waking up is for the birds and i have yet to come across a deal thats worth all my time, missing sleep or waiting outside in the freezing cold. PASS.

  2. I remember going out 2 years ago, the first time ever and seeing the line at TRU. It was cold out and I said no way and went home only to get online and find the items I wanted at the same price and free shipping to my door! I went out last year for a deeply discounted item for myself, and this year I hit 1 store in the early morning hours. This years item was crucial to Michael's xmas gift so I was the first person in line at 4:30 am and thank goodness I was bc they had exactly ONE of what I wanted! I also hit up Old Navy after lunch for 50% off.

  3. We have gone out for the last three years but not till about 9am. We get good deals on tools for my husband at Lowe's every year and it's never busy, then we hit meijer and joann fabrics and back home. This year we went to big lots too and got great deals on gifts for our nieces.

  4. I went one time and that was it for me. I felt this year opening so early was just totally wrong.

  5. I've shopped black Friday once, to get Boomer a camera, and I've worked it....twice in retail. Now I sleep in. I don't want/need anything that badly.