December 9, 2013


  • I have never seen It's A Wonderful Life.  Every year I swear I'm going to watch it, I need to watch it, it's a classic for crying out loud.  Each year I say THIS is the year and I have still yet to watch it.  Jimmy's never seen it either.  I mean this has to be some sort of Christmas sin, right?
  • I don't read sponsored posts.  Sure, I do them but it doesn't mean I like them.  I do them because some months we need that money, it pays our bills, and other months it's my "fun money".  Either way, I know they're boring to read and that's why I chose to pass over them in my dashboard.  It's fine and if you hate them you should do the same.
  • I said that I hated printed leggings and I still do hate the Aztec styles, but I'm starting to come around to the idea of them.  If I weren't sporting these post-pregnancy thunder thighs I might even buy myself a pair.  Perhaps next winter I'll be 40lbs lighter and perhaps they'll still be "in style".  Until then I'll be rocking my fleece lined solid black ones and loving every minute of it.
  • I probably won't get Jimmy anything for Christmas.  Money is...tight, and as long as our babies have presents to open on Christmas morning I'll be happy.  I don't need anything either so he better save his pennies too.
  • I went to church without showering yesterday.  Jimmy was sick and complaining of how achy he was so I had assumed we weren't going.  Thirty minutes before service starts he told me he wanted to go, and reminded me that we'd regret it if we didn't go, and so I had 30 minutes to get me and 2 tots ready and out the door.  Thank goodness for a relax church that doesn't frown upon a slouchy knit hat to hide the greasies.
  • No matter how many "atta girls" I get on this blog and various other social media outlets, the ONE "you suck" is what sticks with me.  I hate that about myself and wish I could just let that stuff roll off my back but I can't and it will bother me all day.
  • As much as I love eMeals {I really do} and the service they provide, I've had to take a break from it for the time being.  We were spending WAY too much on our groceries every week and right now, at Christmastime, it wasn't working.  Maybe after the holidays, when my husband starts getting a full paycheck again, we'll revisit it because I really did love it and the recipes were delicious.
  • I got a little emotional watching Frozen this weekend.  Have you seen it?  It is SO cute and I want to go see it again, we loved it.  Kendall sat still and didn't take her eyes off the screen the whole time.  I loved the ending and that it wasn't your typical, "a kiss from the prince" saves the day ending.  LOVED it.
  • I gave James rice cereal about a week ago.  He's eating 8 oz now and he is still eating every 3 hours so I thought maybe he needed something more.  He hated it.  Like a lot.  We had cereal everywhere and a bath was required after all was said and done.  Soooo...8 oz every 3 hours it is.  
  • I used to think that wedge salads were disgusting.  Truth be told I had never actually had one.  I went out on a limb one day and ordered one at lunch and freakin' love them.  Like order one every time we go to a restaurant now.  
  • I steam mopped my floors this weekend for the first time since James has been born.  Seriously loathe steam mopping and I'm not sure why.  It looks so good when it's done and it really doesn't take that much time.  I'm a little repulsed by how dirty the cleaning pad when it was over. Clean floors FTW!
Don't judge me, or do, either way, Happy Monday.


  1. I've never seen It's A Wonderful Life either. You're not alone.

    My husband and I aren't getting each other anything for Christmas either. We haven't for a few years now. Trying to save money for house stuff and bills. Being an adult sucks.

    I really want to take Bella to see Frozen, but I'm afraid she's still too little (she'll be 3 in March), and won't sit through the whole thing. :(

    When I first read your wedge salad comment, I read it as 'wedge sandals.' I was so confused as to why you were buying them in December, and even more confused that you were ordering them at restaurants. lol *face palm*

    What steam mop do you have? I'm looking to get a new one and need recommendations!

    Sorry for the novel comment. I'm bored at work, and it's helping pass the time. ;)

  2. You aren't missing much with the patterned leggings. I think I'm gonna retire mine after one wear. HA. no. Really.

  3. We are in the Every-Three-Hours boat too. We weren't a month ago. Used to go 4 hours most times. We're definitely giving an extra bottle right now. Kind of cramping my window for getting out of the house these days! Maybe he's just gearing up for cereal later? Try in a couple weeks? -- Rals was taking barely anything a week or two ago and is a little bottle monster now. Always a guessing game, right?! xoxox

  4. I will gladly send you my patterned leggings. I didn't even wear them out of the house. I just couldn't do it.

    The sponsored post are um annoying when they are constant. Like 75% of my blog roll is sponsored post. :(

    I hate mopping in general. I'd seriously rather hire someone just to do my floors. Ha!

    I had this blue cheese wedge salad a year ago at this steak house. So good.

  5. You are a freaking breath of fresh air here in the blog world, I love reading all your posts, minus the sponsored ones (lol!) Money is tight for a lot of people, especially this time of year, yours truly included. Praise the Lord it always works itself out!

  6. We don't typically do Christmas presents either. We are normally broke by the time we finish everything else, so we just do stocking stuffers.

  7. I hate mopping too, my hubby thankfully does it or truth be told, it would probably never get done!! We decide after buying the kids gifts whether or not we will get each other gifts. Last year we did small for one another because things were tight. The year before we got one nice gift then somethings we each needed like socks or something small.

    Happy Holidays Shannon! And seriously, you rock so don't like miserable nasty nancy get you down! She will sit and eat tubs of ice cream alone and mean while you continue to be a rockstar!

    Kate @

  8. I have one pair of printed leggings. They are black and white so it's not too shocking and I mellow it out by wearing an over-sized black top and black boots.

  9. I haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life either! I got mega side eye from Carl on that.

  10. Completely agree about sponsored posts. No matter what it is, it doesn't feel genuine.

    I have to have to have to go see Frozen. It's getting such good reviews.

    Wedge salads =

    I can't jump on board with printed leggings (even though they look cute on other people) but I did buy a pair of plain fleece-lined leggings from GroopDealz and holy God it's like wearing sweatpants to work. I'm warm and in heaven.

  11. We saw Frozen last weekend and I LOVED it. Kinda willing to pay to see it again :) is super tight in the Boom house too. I think all adult Christmas is on hold this year, and even kiddo Christmas will be a little smaller. Better to have heat and lights that shiny shiz under the tree.

  12. I don't think you are missing too much with its a wonderful life. All these parents are taking their kids to frozen I guess Chase would probably do ok. I'm just not in any hurry to find out.

  13. I've seen It's a Wonderful Life, but honestly, I really don't like it. My husband is horrified, but I just don't! You're not missing much:)

  14. I just saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time last Christmas. It is really good. Where are your fleece lined leggings from? I've been living in yoga pants partially because my body just isn't the same two months after baby but also because my leggings are so thin!! I also hardly ever shower before church. I'd rather sleep in a little longer and just freshen up! Oh, well! :)

  15. Try giving him this:

    In my humble opinion, you're not missing anything with It's a Wonderful Life. My family always made us watch it growing up, I never liked it! And one day I pray for you that the "Atta Girl" will be louder than even the one tiny criticism. I fully understand that journey though, and I can tell you it is possible!

  16. i wish i could let those comments roll off my back too! today i found my photos on a huffington post with "photos that make you cringe" and the comments about how i should be feeling like a guilty mother for passing my nose on to crue? enough already. it makes me want to stop blogging. le sigh.
    its a wonderful life - never seen it. but i am dying to see frozen!

  17. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't love It's a Wonderful Life. I just never could get into it. My husband is also horrified by this fact… Also, I'm pretty excited that you love the Fleece Leggings I practically live in them!! So comfy!

  18. I am waiting til Christmas Eve to see Frozen and its KILLING me. Everyone I know thats seen it so far has just raved about it. I am assuming it will still be out by then, no money til after my check on the 20th and movies are cheap on Tuesdays here? lol I also have never seen Its a Wonderful Life! Parts of it maybe, but never actually sat down and watched it. To be honest, it looks kinda boring. I would rather watch A Christmas Story ha! Annnd I don't even own a pair of leggings! I just can't get into that...

  19. I love all feel good movies even though I don't wear fleece leggings. I love Its a Wonderful Life, the remake called Mr Destiny and another feel good called GroundHog Day. It makes me feel like I just finished my appointment with our Tulsa Chiropractor for a awesome Tulsa Massage. I consider it the next best thing to sex.

  20. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life, either!! Fail. And it took my quite a while to come around to the patterned leggings, but all it took was for me to bite the bullet and buy a pair on a whim, and now I love them :)