December 6, 2013



OK so I have been in the market for a new/cute coffee mug for weeks, maybe even months.  I just cannot stomach the $20+ price tag that comes with most of them.  So what'a girl to do?  Design her own, of course.  I teamed up with my main gal pal to bring some of my ideas to life.  I must say I'm having fun with these and definitely have more up my sleeve!  Check them out here and umm...I think they'd make a great Christmas gift, anyone?
Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year.  I just love the warm, fuzzy feeling that it brings.  I love sitting by the glow of the Christmas tree, no other lights needed.  BUT it's even more magical now that I have kids.  Jimmy and I were talking about it last night and how freakin' awesome it is to experience Christmas as a parent.  Especially now that Kendall is really into it and can get really excited about these new traditions we're starting.  And I hear it keeps getting better!
Sleep.  So we are finally in a good sleep routine in the Dew house.  We struggled all summer, for 4 long months, with Kendall.  Every night was a battle.  Excuse after excuse.  We tried everything, and I mean everything, to make bed time as smooth as possible and no matter what it was a fight.  Every.Single.Night.  And then baby James came and, as babies do, he woke up one or two times a night.  Kendall woke up one or two times as well.  Folks, that means I was up sometimes 4+ times a night.  I was miserable.  I'm happy to report {knock on wood} that we have overcome our sleep hurdle and James is sleeping through the night already {yay!!!} and Kendall has been going down like a sweet, little, angel- face and only waking up if she needs to go potty.  It's a Christmas miracle.
I started reading What Alice Forgot a month or so ago.  It takes me a long time to read book, I wish it didn't but such is life.  I read about a chapter a night, on a good night, before I fall asleep.  So I'm only on chapter 13 after over a month of reading but I am loving this book.  I pinned it on Pinterest a while back, intrigued by the caption, and I'm so happy I got my hands on a copy.  Alice has an accident and has forgotten the past 10 years of her life, her husband, her kids, her whole life for 10 years.  Now she's realizing that her life isn't at all what it was 10 years ago.  It's good, go read it!
We're getting a snow storm today.  The white death is upon us.  As much as I hate snow, and it's totally ruining our advent activity for today, I'm kind of excited to hunker down and snuggle by the fire with the glow of the Christmas tree.  I say that now but by noon I'll be itching to bust out of here. Perhaps we'll go see Frozen, seems appropriate, right?  Have you seen it yet?  I hear it's really cute and I think Kendall would love it, and it would give us a replacement for our activity.  


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion. I am starting a book club some other local Moms and am trying to compile a list for us to choose from. I'll add Alice to it!
    Happy Friday!

  2. FROZEN WAS AWESOME!!!! I might pay to see it again lol. Also...I can't with this snow and ice girl. I just can't. They have some super cute mugs at crackerbarrel right now too. Yes I like crackerbarrel don't judge me.

  3. Stopped by from the link up. Please share your sleep secret. I have a 9 month old and a 3 year old and neither of them are good sleepers!!

  4. I agree - Christmas as a parent is amazing. Heart burstingly amazing. Burstingly is a word. Trust me. ;)

  5. It's nice that you have a good sleep routine. I can't wait until my little guy is finally on a solid sleep routine. I totally agree about Christmas in general but with kids especially. My girl loves the lights and decorations and I love that she loves it! I love traditions and I think she will too. Good luck with the snow. I can't wait to get some snow!

  6. stopping by from the linkup and love that i found your blog. definitely a new follower. can we talk about how cute your little sleeping muffin is??! that face. those cheeks. i have a serious issue with taking pictures of my gal sleeping. i do it all the time and they all look exactly the same. but i keep on doing it…i can't help it. okay…happy weekend!

  7. tell me how frozen was!!! and I'm obsesssssed with that sleeping photo of J!

  8. I might have to pick up that book! PS: I'm hosting an Amazon gift card giveaway! Come enter!

  9. The Husband's Secret is written by the same author who wrote What Alice Forgot and it's even better. You will not be able to put it down because you will be dying to know what the secret is! :) Love, love, love the picture of James in his sleep sack. I was actually kind of sad when we retired the sleep sack for Kennedy. Something about a baby in a sleep sack is just so cute!

  10. Glad you are all getting some more sleep!