January 7, 2014

Hello 2014

Call me crazy but I think that this week marks the beginning of a new year.  This is the week where things get back to normal, work/school schedules, no more holiday parties, the decorations are down, the hoopla is over.  This is the week when the resolutions really set in and you {me} start to make changes.

I was watching the news yesterday and they deemed yesterday Blue Monday.  Apparently it's the most depressing day of the year because of all the reasons listed above.  I thought that was kind of interesting because I don't see it that way, at all.  I know I don't have to get up and go to school/work, which probably has a lot to do with my opinion on Blue Monday, but I saw yesterday as a day to kick ass.

Last week was still full of parties, reasons to avoid sticking to your commitment/goals {read: resolutions}, and whacky schedules and so, like many other resolution-ers I didn't stick to my goals like I wanted to.  But yesterday started a fresh new me.  Perhaps it was getting on the scale and seeing an unsightly number but that's besides the point.  The point is, this is the time to make a change.

Yesterday I started using MFP again, 100%.  For the past 4-5 months I've been using it on and off.  Tracking here and there but getting frustrated when I don't see results and vowing that it doesn't work.  The reality is I was cheating myself.  So I signed up for eMeals low calorie {dinner} plan and none of the meals are over 500 calories, which should make me very able to stick to my 1,200 calorie daily limit.  Thankfully I have this blog to go back through my old posts because when I was trying to grocery shop {low calorie} for breakfast, lunch and snack stuff I was having a hard time trying to remember just what I ate to lose the last time.  I found my 'what I eat' post and quickly remembered how monotonous it all was.  But, whatever works, right?
I also decided that it was time to get out with the old, in my closet, too.  Back in December I sent a bag full of clothes to Thred Up and while the payout wasn't THAT great, it was better than loading it all up in my car, driving it to a consignment shop and waiting for them to go through it or taking a million pics and trying to sell it online.  I've been really really happy with all of my purchases from them so I'll get to use the credits to buy Kendall some spring clothes, win win.  Plus now that it's been nearly a year since I wore a lot of this stuff it was a lot easier to part with.  Thank you, pregnancy.  I always feel really good when I clean out my closet, about once every couple of months usually.  I love getting rid of old stuff.  Make room for new?  Maybe when I hit my goal weight.  Speaking of, I think when I do hit my goal I'm going to treat myself with a StitchFix or two.  Do you StitchFix?  Do you love it?  It seems kinda pricey but I think if it were a treat, every once in a while, I could justify it?  Maybe?

And yesterday's post got a lot of people talking about divorcing their phones in 2014 too.  I think it's refreshing to hear that people are getting back to basics, connecting with people and having real human to human connections.  As much as I love connecting with people all over the world and "meeting" people I never would have otherwise, there's something to be said for face to face, voice to voice communication. It seems like we've all been tied up in our phones and social media for so long that everyone is starting to crave a break from it all, no?  I'm happy to and welcoming a break from being connected all the time.

How bout you?  Did you have a Blue Monday yesterday?  Is this your first real week into the new year/resolutions you made?  What are you vowing to do better in the new year?  


  1. This is the first year I was SO glad to have Christmas stuff down. I'm with ya. Back to regular routine please... AND does Facetime count as face-to-face communication/hanging out!? :) b/c I would like more of that this year. Love and Miss!

  2. I love cleaning out my closet too and always do at the start of the new year. I've got a huge pile sitting on my closet floor ready to be taken away. I didn't have a "blue Monday"either, I'm ready to tackle my new goals for the year!

  3. I have a HUGE bag of clothing for donations! Just waiting on my husband to load it into my car for me:-) The organizing, cleaning out is such a refreshing feeling (for me at least).

  4. we are snowed in here in Indiana, but I also feel refreshed this week! .. One of my resolutions this year is to make time to have more company over, go visit people, and have play dates for the kids.. I "see" things happening in people's lives via FB, Ig, etc. .. but that's not always the truth about whats going on in their lives.. I see 2014 as a way of 'reconnect' to people in my life face to face! .. loved your post from yesterday too :)

  5. Proud of you for kicking ass and taking names sistah! 2014 is our year ;) PS I wasn't depressed at all yesterday! xoxo

  6. I agree. I like Blue Monday. I don't even plan to start my resolutions until then. The snow storm didn't help as I couldn't get of the house to make it to the gym and I ate like crap but today is a new day. We are still stuck in the house but I'll eat better and tomorrow I start the Advocare cleanse. Have you ever tried it? I did it once before and I loved it! It's a good way to kick your butt into gear with healthy eating. I don't' sell it or anything just a happy customer. I actually bought mine on Amazon.

  7. I was actually really excited to get back to the regular routine. Then Boomer's school was canceled for two days. So not quite a 'blue' monday, just not what I planned. I've been cleaning the house, but I haven't hit the closets and drawers yet. Frankly I'm scared.

  8. I have to tell you - my hair stylist (Holly), told me about your blog and I started reading…then you posted about meals the other day and wow. You have changed my 2014. Thank you!!!

  9. i need to join MFP. and abide by it! i am so so bad at this losing weight thing.
    do you guys have a platos closet or once upon a child?! they give cash on the spot!
    if they don't take my stuff i always end up dumping it at a goodwill or something because i just don't have the time to try and sell them on IG or poshmark either!
    I've never done stitch fix but i always love seeing others so i am already anxious to see you do it!

  10. I've used Stitch Fix a couple of times and it's been hit or miss. The jewelry they've sent has been cheap looking. The clothing has been a little overpriced and I've only ever kept one thing from the shipments. I gave up after about 4 shipments.