February 24, 2014

It Made Me Sad

Last week we did something we don't do very often throughout the week.  We went out.  Like shopping.  Together.  As a four person family.  Call it S.A.D.D., call it what you will but we rarely {and I mean never} leave the house past 5 o'clock on a weeknight.  Jimmy needed some new work clothes, I needed wanted to look for an Ergo.  We ate dinner early and decided, "what the heck, let's do it!".  Wild and crazy life we lead.

What was an exciting night out of the house {I love my house but seriously these walls are starting to close in on me, OMG get me out of here!!!} quickly turned sour upon our first top.

As we were walking into Marshall's {I hear they have CHEAP Ergos} I very vividly noticed a lady exiting the store with an arm full of clothes.  The tags appeared to still be attached and hangers were draped over her arms.  But surely, certainly, she wasn't.  Was she?  Maybe she was just making an exchange...

In that moment someone could have slapped me across the face and I wouldn't have noticed.  I was so zeroed in on what was happening.  I couldn't, didn't want to believe what was happening right in front of my face.

A store associate/manager came walking, leisurely after her, "Ma'am..." the lady in question starts walking a little faster, "Ma'am...", faster, "MA'AM!" and just then her escape car pulled around and in she jumped.  Just like that she was gone.

I witnessed someone blatantly stealing and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

I wonder what her reason was.  Was she down on her luck but maybe had a job interview that she needed something nice for?  Was this a regular thing for her?  Once she hopped in her getaway car was she on to the next place to pull the same stunt?  What on Earth would cause someone to do such a thing?

It made me sad for her.  Sad that she felt that she had to do that, no matter what her reason was.  How embarrassed she must feel.

I know this type of stuff happens everywhere, all the time, but this was my first hand experience with it and I hope it was my last.  My children were with me and I'm so thankful that they were oblivious to what was happening.  At that exact moment in time there was nothing I could have said to them to make that situation right.  In that moment I felt helpless.

Should I have done something?  I mean I saw her, arms full of clothes, walk right out the doors and I did nothing.  Granted I had my two small children with me and keeping them safe is my #1 priority and job as a mother.  Who knows what might have happened had I said something.  But it doesn't help me not to wonder if I did the right thing.


  1. That is just terrible and sad. I probably would have done the same and done nothing too. Very shocking to see im sure.

  2. Wow - this is really something. I think you did the right thing - you said it, protecting your two babes is your #1 priority and who knows what this woman could be capable of .. what did Jimmy think? You really dont want to believe people are doing the wrong thing .. so when it happens it's really stunning. There was nothing more you could do, Shannon - I'm so sorry it had to happen in front of you like that. Pray for them.

  3. You did the right thing. Even working in retail we were told not to confront people. That's what mall security and cops are for. When cornered people do crazy stuff. I'm not sure what that woman's reason could have been but you're right its sad.

  4. I think you did the right thing. It wasn't your job to stop her. I never witnessed anything like that, but I'm sure it was shocking to see!

  5. I do not think you should have confronted whom knows if she could have been hiding a knife or even a gun!
    Those two babies of yours still need you therefore keeping them as well as yourself safe is priority number 1..