February 3, 2014

Motivational Monday

Where did we leave off with this whole weight loss post baby #2 business?

Oh yeah, here.
That was November.

I was feeling pretty good, or so I thought, at the time.  The weight had fallen off faster than it did with Kendall but not as fast as I had hoped.  It was really my own fault though. See the crazy/frustrating/funny part about having a baby is that the weight comes off super quick in the beginning.  Before you're six week post-partum visit you have already lost 20lbs and you are feeling tthhiinn.  And then you hit a wall.  You stay at the same weight for three months, fluctuating between three measly pounds.

Just me?

I digress.

So the holidays SUCK for losing weight.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years I lost nothing.  Nothing.  Talk about a total bummer.  But I vowed that I would get my butt in gear for 2014 and really buckle down.

Remember my goal this month was to fit into those jeans?  Well I'm happy to report that I slipped those bad boys on this past Friday and they fit!  They zipped and buttoned with ease.  No laying down on the bed to zip them up.
Now there's a little bit of muffin top going on here, I am aware of that, but I can wear these jeans comfortably and that's more than I could say 4 weeks go.  And then Saturday, to my surprise, I woke up and hopped on the scale to see that I am officially down 40lbs since having James.  Which means I am back to my pre-preg weight.
Now that's not to say I'm back to where I was because clearly I am not.  When I hit my goal back in 2011 I hit 135lbs and was comfortable.  Unfortunately by the time I got pregnant with James I had gained a few of those pounds back so I still have about 20lbs to lose to get to my new goal weight.  I'm not sharing a number because last time I had set my goal at 130lbs and when I hit 135lbs I felt great and decided to not try to lose anymore.  I think the lowest number I ever saw on the scale was 133lbs.  But this time I'm going to try to push myself a little further and see just what I'm capable of.

I posted all of these pictures on IG over the weekend and got a few questions about what I'm doing.  It's simple.  I'm using My Fitness Pal again, tracking my calories, trying to eat as clean as possible and trying to get in some sort of exercise more days of the week than not.  I have my calories set at 1200 again, just like last time.  Most of the time, when I exercise, I add those calories back to my daily allowance {meaning I get to eat more}.  Sometimes I don't though, just depends on the day.  As for my exercising goes, I mostly do my yoga DVDs, walk on the treadmill or lately I've been enjoying the PopSugar workouts {they're free, the trainers aren't annoying, and they are a total body workout}.

One thing that I really think helped kick my weight loss into high gear this month is alcohol.  Or lack of it.  With the holidays comes lots of fancy holiday drinks and toasts and eggnog, which is a lot of empty calories.  I have cut out the alcohol {for the most part} and I cannot believe how much better I feel.  I had a couple of beers at dinner a couple of nights ago and I wasn't drunk {at all} but I woke up and just felt blah.  Something I'm not used to feeling anymore.

Gosh, this makes me sound like a lush.  I promise I'm not.

And remember how I said that working out makes me feel sane {here}?  Well it's true.  I've been bitten by the workout bug.  I literally find any way to get in some kind of calorie burn every day.  Whether that's a 10 minute arm exercise or a full on 40 minute incline walk, I have to do something each day or else I just feel worthless.  I like it though.  I like the changes my body is making and working hard to be the best me I can be.  It's invigorating.

I've been thinking about what my goal for February {my birthday month} should be...I think it's time for another challenge.  I found this 30 day plank challenge on Pinterest a while back and I thought I'd try it.  I started a few days ago {since there are only 28 days in the month} and so far, so good.
I've taken my before pictures {they are not pretty} but if all goes well during the month, I'll share them at the end of the challenge.  I'm not expecting any major results but maybe a little?


  1. Well done! Fitnessblender.com also has some awesome free workouts. I'm also losing weight after baby 2 (who is now 2.5... better late than never!) and found those workouts to be great to do while the little one naps. There are a couple ones that incorporate kids too.

  2. I think you look awesome! I'm 3 months postpartum (I gained 48 lbs and have 14lbs left to lose) and the scale hasn't really moved in a month except to bounce up and down 3lbs. I'm working out and I'm hoping that the rest will come off sooner or later! I LOVE the plank challenge! I'm counting calories but I'm also breastfeeding so I can't cut out too much but I have cut out a lot of things that aren't good. I still have to have my daily cup of coffee though! I'm not sure I could survive being a new mom without it :)

  3. Looking great. I am fearful of the weight loss adventure this second time. The first time I was too oblivious to think about it and luckily I jumped back into shape. This time I am more worried it will take longer and be more work so I love your posts. You are doing an amazing job staying motivated. That is my biggest weakness, motivation and willpower. If I see something I like to eat or drink it is hard for me to turn down! :)

  4. Youre doing such a great job!! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  5. Get it girl!! You are doing awesome!

  6. I feel like we look like we have similar builds and my goal is 135 for my fall wedding. I'm excited to follow your journey and be encouraged that I can do it as we see you do it! I've also just started using MFP to track and am curious how you deal with going over on calories - do you do a weekly MAX overage or anything?

  7. Well done mama, you can be so so proud!! I am trying my best not to explode during this second pregnancy and hoping my weight recovery afterwards is less painful than my first… Keep going, you look fab!! x

  8. Thats awesome girlfriend! So excited for you!

    I need to find something that I enjoy that I can stick with. I hate sweating and working out, so I never do anything, but I MUST start soon.

  9. You're doing awesome! I should try that plank challenge!

  10. ok - plank chalenge!! i am so in. day 1, done. now heres to hoping i can rock as much as you! i wish we were neighbors. you'd never get rid of me. ;)

  11. You're doing great! I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight but everything is proportioned wrong. Why do I weigh the same but my pants don't fit?!? I really hate exercise but it looks like it's time to suck it up, work out, and stop sucking it in. lol

  12. I, too, do the PopSugar videos.. although, sometimes I really question the wardrobe choices they make. Additionally, I start to feel blah and become super self-critical if I don't burn at least 200 calories per day. Not really an extreme amount, but better than nothing, and often once I get started, I get in the mindset of, "well, I'm already here, might as well push this out."

    Good luck hitting your goals in the coming months!

  13. HAHA. your first paragraph I could have wrote! I had a baby at the end of November and the first few weeks pounds were just dropping off (That did NOT happen with my first! I lost nothing for months and months) but this time 20 pounds gone like that. Then Christmas and well...I gained 6 back. Then at 6 weeks pp to the day, I was back at the gym 5 days a week and still NOTHING coming off. Only in the past couple weeks have I lost 5 pounds by using the app to count calories. I felt better about my body 4 days after having a baby than I do now 11 weeks pp.

  14. You are doing great! How awesome that you've lost so much weight! I think I'm going to try the plank that you've posted.

  15. I just stumbled upon the plank challenge on Pinterest too and am 2 months post baby -- looking to get into better shape and lose some weight. How did it go for you? Did I miss a post where you shared how it went? Wondering if it's worth my time or if I should try something else :) Thanks!