November 25, 2014

Sometimes. Always. Never

  • Sometimes I eat like crap.  Like right now I'm eating pizza for lunch with a side of Diet Coke.
  • I always make sure I get in a workout to make up for it.
  • I never let one bad meal, day or week derail me. 

  • Sometimes I lose my temper and say things I don't mean.
  • I always feel guilty immediately after.
  • But I never go to bed mad.

  • Sometimes I spend nap time doing guilty pleasure things like watching Tori and Dean.
  • I always feel like I should be doing something more productive.
  • I never have enough time for everything.

  • Sometimes I make goals and don't reach them.
  • I always try though, always.
  • I never give up.

  • Sometimes I don't shower.
  • I always feel nasty and hate myself for being dirty.
  • I never remember and it happens again the following week.

  • I always love a surprise.
  • Sometimes I ruin them because I get so excited.
  • I'd never turn away a good surprise party.

  • I will always love cute clothes.
  • But I sometimes go from PJs to workout clothes and back to PJs.
  • I never get tired of shopping.

  • I always love my children and being a mom.
  • Sometimes I need some quiet time though.
  • I never regret my decision to stay home with them.

  • I always check my phone first thing in the morning.
  • Sometimes I wish I lived in a social media-less world.
  • But I could never go a day without my phone.

  • I always want to read lots of books.
  • Sometimes I start AND finish one.
  • I never read as much as I should or want to.

  • I always love nap time {for the kids, not me}
  • But sometimes I try to make them not happen {for Kendall}.
  • I never wake a sleeping baby.

  • I always drink coffee.  Sometimes twice a day.
  • Sometimes I sneak in a little of my old creamer ways.
  • I never finish a whole cup.  Ever.


  1. A cute and fun read - and i can relate to SO many of those!! x

  2. I loved this post! I may have to steal it for an idea-less day in the future!

  3. Love this post. I think I just read a new monthly link up ;-) I check my phone as soon as I get up too, even if I don't look in any of my apps I still check the time.

  4. Thank you for being real. Seriously. You're one of my favorite bloggers and I totally feel you on the phone thing, the sometimes-eating-poorly thing, the NEVER FINISHING COFFEE thing. Eric hates that I do that. (though I just tried a friend's white chocolate raspberry creamer and it was fabulous).


    PS got my shakeology samples woooooo! THANK YOU!

  5. Stoppit. I almost did one of these posts today (and I'm only seeing yours for the first time). so many of these. Yes, yes.

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