December 9, 2014

Christmas Dews

I am going to be cliche right now and proclaim my love for this time of year.  Christmas with kids makes this time of year THAT much better. It's more magical, special, and WAY more fun.  Being a parent at Christmas is even better than being a kid.  Don't you agree?  It's so cool to watch the wonder in their eyes when they see Santa for the first time.  They truly believe in magic each morning when they wake up and find that Elf in a different spot.  It's really, truly the best time of the year.

I also love seeing how different people do Christmas.  From the way presents are wrapped to different traditions, everyone does Christmas a little different.  So here's how we "Dew" Christmas, hehe. 

Presents:  We wrap any and all presents, including stockings.  It wasn't until recently that I heard of people not wrapping certain things but instead leaving them set up, ready to play with, under the tree.  I kinda sorta love that idea so I think this year we're going to adopt that tradition.  Some of the more awkward to wrap items are going to be left out on display and I can't wait to see the reaction on Christmas morning.

Stockings:  Like I said, in my family, presents in the stockings were always wrapped.  It didn't matter if it was a gift card, that sucker was wrapped.  And our stockings were usually filled with actual gifts like earrings, money, or CDs {back when CDs were still a thing}.  Jimmy did not do this tradition in his house.  Instead stockings were full of things like candy, tissues, and snacks and they were definitely not wrapped.  Now that it's my turn to do the stockings I am choosing not to wrap.  What tedious work, sorry mom.  They'll be filled with a mixture of actual gifts and filler items but there's no way you'll catch me wrapping a teenie tiny tube of chapstick.

Santa:  Another realization I had this year is that Santa isn't everyone's cup of tea.  We like Santa over here and we will go visit him every year until my kids are way too big.  This year I completely thought James was going to have a meltdown on Santa's lap but surprisingly he did awesome!  He just looked to his big sis for reassurance and snap, cutest picture ever.  But we don't go all Santa crazy with threats of NO Santa if you're not well-behaved or anything.  

Elf on the Shelf:  OK I know there are mixed feelings on this creepy little guy and I feel you elf-haters.  We do Elf on the Shelf, his name is Rich, but some days I wish we never started this new tradition.  Every night, as I'm all snug in my bed, just about to drift off to dreamland....I REMEMBER THE ELF.  I know I'm not the only one.  However, I want to make this season as magical as possible so I get up, out of bed, every night and move Rich to a new spot in the house.  This year we took it down a notch though, our elf doesn't participate in any shenanigans.  He simply moves to different spots in the house and that's it.  And, again, we don't use him as a threat.  It's just simple and fun.

Decorations:  We are traditional over here, red and green everything.  Every year I think of changing it up and going with those fun, colorful decorations, but I can't bring myself to do it.  I also think that ice blue and silver is gorgeous but it's just not our house.  Our decorations are a mix of traditional and rustic and I love it.  I don't think I'll ever change it.  Add to it? Absolutely.  

Advent Calendars:  Again, this is something I never did growing up and I'm sure Jimmy didn't either.  I just introduced the Advent calendar last year and we had so much fun with it that I knew we had to do it again this year.  I fill ours full of things to do, no toys, candy or prizes just making memories.  It's simple stuff, make a Christmas craft, buy a special gift for James {when he's older we'll add "buy a special gift for sister"}, make Christmas cookies, donate food to the food pantry, watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate, Zoo Lights, etc.  It's fun and even though I wrote each activity I get equally excited each day when we find out the newest.  

So, that's how we celebrate the season.  I'm all about making it as magical as possible.  I hope that my kids look back on their childhood and remember how special it is/was.  How do you "Dew" Christmas?


  1. I love this post and think maybe I should do one so see how we have combined our traditions. Presents: There are only 4, what they need, want, wear and read. Granted 1 book isn't enough so I normally get 2. The present that costs the most gets wrapped in Santa paper, but there is no writing on it, it doesn't say who it's from or to (I just have to remember the size of the box). The rest of the presents get wrapped in Snowman paper and those have "Love, Mom & Dad" on them.
    Stockings: We celebrated St. Nick (would wake to a full stocking on 12/6) growing up, Tim did not (they didn't even have stockings). We maybe got a cheap toy and some candy. For my boys I am doing more of what they need type thing and they always need socks and underwear. I always got the lifesaver books so I am passing that tradition on to my boys and then I get them a toy they are interested in (this year it was TMNT & Planes).
    Santa: Growing up in my house all the presents but 1 were from Santa. I always thought he was over played because the season isn't about Santa really. We even went and got our pictures with him every year. Tim house never believed, never got presents from Santa and never got pictures with him. It's his religious background. I understand that so we compromised. We don't give Santa a lot of hype, which is why there is 1 present but no names, we get our pictures with him but only hang them on the tree and we talk more about the birth of Jesus then Santa. Tim feels he by us doing it this way we aren't really lying to them... they are just believing on what they see and not hear.
    Elf on the Shelf: We just don't do it.
    Decorations: I have some new and old. I love snowmen so that is primarily my decor with the traditional green and red. Our tree is full of 30+ year old ornaments, new ornaments, homemade ornaments and although I would love to have a pretty frilly tree it just won't happen because I feel it homey and traditional to hang your life on the tree.
    Advent Calendars: Growing up we never had one. I started a countdown with Carter and he loves it. This year I was going to make an Advent calendar but Tim's mom beat me to it. She has taken a child's nativity scene and wrapped each person individually along with a cheap toy, candy etc. Inside the package is a verse from the bible which we have read everyday and Carter tapes to his door. I love this idea but I think next year instead of junk we are going to do what you do... because it think it teaches giving and kindness.

    Thanks for sharing in your traditions. I love reading what others do. I also agree about the magic of Christmas. I have always hated this time of year but with kids I find myself a little more into it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  2. I can't wait till my baby boy is old enough to enjoy some traditions of Christmas, like the magic of Santa, Elf on a Shelf, etc.

  3. even though my little boy isn't old enough to get it the hubs and i still do all the traditions merged from our childhood. our list looks very similar. someone did get us an elf on the shelf this year, but we'll bust it out next year and i'm hoping to score a good deal on a one of pottery barn kids advent calendars this year because they are so cute!!