February 18, 2015

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Oh hey! Look at me! Participating in my own "link up".  

Can I even call it that anymore?

Anywho...I want to start getting back into a somewhat regular blogging schedule so here goes nothing.

Today I'm saying SO WHAT if...

I kinda, sorta, really want to move out of Ohio.  

So if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that summer is my favorite.  The hotter the better!  I love being warm. I love summer clothes.  I hate cold, snow, ice, pretty much everything that comes with winter.  I've always been this way but since becoming a SAHM it's gotten worse. It's HARD to entertain little kids indoors.  I would take them outside and play in the snow but it's SO DAMN COLD here we can't even do that much.  So yeah, we're bored.

They called last winter, "the year that nearly killed all moms" and I don't think this  one is shaping up to be much different.  Although we started off pretty mild we are FRIGID these days.  I keep checking the farmer's almanac and holding a lot of faith that it's correct because if so we should start seeing spring as early as April and lasting through September into October this year.  Hell to the yeah!

I have been looking at houses in North and South Carolina because ultimately that's where I'd love to be. I don't need Florida and their crazy crazy hot days and my husband is too conservative to live in California but the Carolinas we could do.  Charleston was in the top 100 places to live in 2015 after all.  Their standard of living doesn't seem to be much different than what we are used to so,  why not?  
If only I could get my husband on board.

He needs the seasons changing, he obviously needs to hunt in the fall, he has an amazing family all very close to us, his job is secure in the family business and he likes having friends to hang out with.  And I agree, I like all of those things too.

I don't think I could actually ever do it, pack our whole family up and leave everything that's familiar to us, but God would I love to.  I really would.  My mom would kill me {hi, mom!} but she'd have a great place to come on vacation!  Do you think it would be too hard to convince both of our families and close group of friends to follow us?!  I kid, sort of.  

I blame this entire post on Katie for making it look so damn easy and hella fun!


  1. I'm right there with you. I'm so not built for the winter. I spend most of this time of year looking at houses in Florida...cause I love their crazy hot days! But then come spring and summer I'm super happy to be in Jersey. So for now we stay.

  2. Come to Georgia!!!!! 4 seasons and great hunting spots!!!!

  3. I would love to move out of Illinois but for the same reasons as you I can't. The husband has to hunt and have friends and family very close. I know when I retire I will most likely be a snow bird.... I HATE WINTER!

  4. lollllllllll. I know we are crazy. And last night I said to Declan, "don't you wish we could have convinced our favorite people to come with us?" Starting over is hard. But it is kinda fun too :)

  5. My husband is an avid hunter, lots of great spots in South Carolina!!! Our winter can be cold but nowhere near as cold as Ohio and we usually get a few random warmish days mixed in. NC tends to be a lot colder than us but really depends on where you live. There's no way I would be able to convince my husband to move, he is very attached to his family. Then again, I wouldn't want to move either!

  6. I understand my friend - our sunny Durban in South Africa is the only place I could be! It is warm all year round and our kids are outside every day (except in rain!) You just can't beat it! x

  7. I hear ya! I live in Boston and my boyfriend and I have had many talks about how we wished we had the guts to get up and move. It would be a lot easier if we had friends or family somewhere warm. Can't wait for spring!

  8. I say do it! Big moves are so scary and so fun. We are getting ready to potentially do a big move to New Orleans. We are starting with just 6 weeks and if we love it we are going to home sell everything and relocate. We would miss all our favorite people but have no doubt they would all come visit, often in the winter months lol

  9. Move!!!! My sister has been in SC near Charleston for awhile. If you flea markets, nice homes, that's the place!!!