August 31, 2015

Catch Up

Since it's been pretty quiet around here lately and I kinda, sorta want to change that, I thought it'd be fitting to update you with my current obsessions.

Currently I am...

  • Watching- Big Brother.  I'm obsessed.  It's my guilty summer pleasure that I look forward to every year.  This year has been pretty uneventful if you ask me.  Vanessa is clearly running the show and will probably end up winning if someone doesn't make a big move and get her out.  Maybe at double eviction this week?  Meg is my favorite, isn't she adorable!?
  • Changing- my hair.  I went SUPER blonde this summer for the first time and I loved it!  It's been so fun and looks great with a tan. BUT fall is upon us and I'm thinking the same bright blonde might not look so hot against pasty, white skin.  Is ombre still "in style"?
  • Dreaming- about a weekend away with my husband.  Our six year anniversary is coming up in October and I'd love to surprise him with a little weekend getaway.  
  • Listening to- Twenty One Pilots- Blurryface.  These guys are local to us and friends of my BIL and just played on the VMA's for the second time last night.  Crazy excited for them!  Any time we're in the car we have them on Spotify. 
  • Missing- our camper.  We started out the summer strong, camping three weekends in less than a month, but sadly haven't been out since July.  I'm thinking we need at least one more camping weekend this year and I think fall might actually be lovely.
  • Praying- for my sweet girl as she transitions into kindergarten.  Friday was her first day and it was a little bit hard on her.  She was very tired and very emotional when she came home and spent most of Friday evening crying.  Praying today {her half day} will be easier on her.
  • Reading- Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  I read Gone Girl years ago and while the ending didn't surprise me, like most, I loved it.  I liked her style of writing and I liked how you didn't know what was going to happen next.  Dark Places is the same dark, mysterious, keep you guessing kind of book.  I'm super into it.
  • Shopping- for fall clothes.  What are some must-have styles this fall?  I usually end up spending all of fall/winter in hoodies so I don't know why I even bother but I like to have a few cute things going into the new seasons.
  • Planning- my next tattoo.  Most of my tattoos are pretty hidden or can be if necessary and this time I'm thinking I want something bolder, more visible...
  • Catching up- on all the VMA drama.  I used to watch that award show religiously and after seeing some headlines I'm glad that is something I USED to do.  My God, what is this world coming to?
  • Cooking- not much.  I'm honestly in a rut with cooking.  Seems like the same ole, same ole every week and meh. I'm thinking about signing up for eMeals again to get me excited about cooking again.  Although with fall right around the corner maybe soups and chili will get me inspired.  Any good recipes to share?
I think that covers all bases.  Hopefully I'll get back to a more regular writing schedule because I've missed this outlet.  I've noticed a lot of the blog "OG's" seem to be trying to get back into the swing of things too and it's making me really kind of excited.  I think everyone kind of needed a break from it all.  From the sponsorships, the #ads, the forced posts, and now everyone is refreshed and has a new perspective and I think that's really cool.  Here's hoping anyway!  Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Yep, Kind of wanting to get back into the swing of the writing too. Idk what it is about the Fall time, but it kind of inspires me. And with Chloe starting a new school and all, I think that's giving me some inspiration. Idk, we shall see. I do need to change my blog design though to get the Scentsy stuff off of it, but nobody seems to know/want to do it. Hmmph.

  2. I think Kendall will transition just fine... it will just take a little time. Poor girl, I read that she had a rough first day. I love fall camping. We are going this weekend to our family clubhouse and then we always do a "grandpa weekend" the first full weekend of November, which is in dedication to my late grandpa and also the weekend we close all camping. I told Tim we will need to do a lot of October camping but now that I think of it... bridal shower, baby due and wedding... does't look like it will fit in our schedule. A weekend get away sounds divine and I think you should go for it. I am glad your "kinda" back to blogging... you have been missed.

  3. My five year old starts Kindergarten on the 10th. She is my oldest also, and she has been VERY emotional this last month leading up to it. The other day after another spell of randomly crying, when I asked her what was wrong, she literally broke down in my arms and said "Mom, I am scared for Kindergarten." My heart broke. She is so little still and so shy and scared, and I feel like I literally cannot do ANYTHING to help. My heart breaks just thinking about how hard those first few days (or weeks?) will be on her. :(