November 12, 2015

Potty Talk

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Let's talk about potty training for a second, shall we?

How the heck do you potty train a boy?

I know James is in no way, shape, or form ready.  He's completely clueless.  When I ask him, "James, did you poop?"  when he clearly has, he says, "nope!".  He poops five times a day {5!!!} so most of the time the answer should be "yes!!!".  He just learned all his body parts and how to count to 15 so I think we still have a while to go on the potty training.  And, honestly, I'm OK with that.

Potty training Kendall was a breeze.  We stayed home for three days during the training period.  I had two potty seats {one stayed in the living room, one in the playroom} available so that when the urge came we could act on it!  We also have three bathrooms so there was really no reason to have all the extra potty seats but, whatever, I wanted  her to have a potty available right!now! I stocked up on princess panties because she said if she had them she would use the potty.  Ok, whatever works.  We praised, rewarded, and celebrated every time she went {which she loved}.  But that was really all it took, three hardcore days at home and she was pretty much potty trained.

Of course going out in public those first few times are nerve-wracking and a constant, "do you have to go potty?!" on repeat.  I remember the first time we went out was at a restaurant and I took her straight to the potty.  I showed her how it looks different from the ones at home and made it an exciting thing.  I can vividly remember the first week after being potty trained we were driving on the freeway when she said, "mommy I hafta go pee".  She was in a Pull-Up but I didn't want to derail all the progress we had made so I pulled off on the first exit we came to and ran, as fast as I could, into Fazoli's to use their bathroom.  She had held it and waited till we got there and it was so awesome, I was so proud of her!

Now James is going to be a different story, I just know it.  I hear boys are harder anyway and I don't doubt that for one second.  I feel like I need to go to Sam's Club and stock up on Charmin Ultra Soft {now with 1000 more sheets, the perfect accessory}, baby wipes, Pull-Ups, Bounty paper towels {which handles big clean-ups and is 2X more absorbent so the roll, and your Sam’s Club pack, can last longer} and wine {for me, of course}.  It's going to be messy, I'm not excited about it.  Did I mention James poops no less than five {5!!!} times a day?  Yeah, I'll be happy when I don't have to change that every day.

So boy moms, help me out here!  I need your advice.  Do you teach them to sit or stand at first?  I'm thinking sitting sounds easier {and way less messy} but what do I know?  If you teach them to stand how do you avoid a giant mess everywhere?  What "tools" do I need {besides the ones listed above}? What type of undies to boys wear?  I personally think the boxer briefs look adorable!  Please share!

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  1. I have two boys. The first took forever to potty train, he was 3.5 by the time he got it. He didn't care if he was dirty or wet, even when wearing underwear. My second boy, we did the 3 day method, never an accident after. Both kids we taught to sit first and did the whole standing thing when they got older.

  2. We are at the end of potty training at my house and we have an accident here (we are not 3 just yet) and there but he has done great! I wouldn't waste money on a potty chair. We had one and it always ended in a mess. We have him sit backwards on the regular potty and that did the trick for most of the "over spray" haha. Getting a special candy helped us as well. We got Lego candies at a candy shop that were just his and he only got them for going potty. Good luck and make sure to get plenty of the Bounty!

  3. I would recommend training them to sit and pee... seriously. I have a 31 year old that still can't make aim and the 9 year old, although he thinks it's cool to stand and pee, isn't much better. We are now in the training process with Oliver and so far he has told us when he has had to go after day #1 of accidents. I was tired of cleaning the "that" that stank worse then 2 grown men. Good luck!

  4. I have two boys too. Neither of them was ready or even interested before 3 years old. They were trained around 3 1/4 years old. We had the little potty seat thing that goes on and off of the real toilet. Just makes it a smaller rim. like this:

    One of my boys was really into rewards. Stickers, tattoos, etc. My younger son couldn't give a crap about rewards and I was pretty sure he was going to go to college in diapers. Then one day his day care teacher told me that the whole class goes to the bathroom every hour or so and my son had usually been dry. So, time to try pull ups. After a week or two of pull ups it was on to undies. He's been great. Only 1 accident in the last few weeks. He still does pull ups at night and is dry about 75%of the time when he wakes up.

    Definitely do sitting and show them how to push it down to pee into the toilet. It's not that bad at all.

  5. I waited to train my boy till a month before his 3rd bday. I used the 3 day potty training book, and literally he was trained in 3 days. We never used pull ups (the book says not too). My son never wet the bed and on his 3 day he didn't have any accidents at all. Started with sitting and transitioned to standing at about 3 yr 4 months ( preschool started). I truly feel that waiting with my boy was so beneficial. My girl is 2 and she is like James, in that if I ask her about poop she says "no just peeepee". I will be waiting to train her till spring and will use the book for her too.