November 13, 2015

Everyday I...

  • Wake up before my kids.  I need to have coffee in peace even if it only lasts 14 minutes.  I need that time where no one wants anything {including my husband}.  It's a glorious time of day and probably my favorite part of my day.  Some days it sucks to roll out of bed that early but, damn, it's worth it.  
  • Talk to my mom on the phone.  Some people might find it annoying but we've been doing it for years and it just feels weird not to.   Sometimes we have nothing to talk about and sometimes we have a list of things we want to tell each other, either way it happens. 
  • Get in some type of exercise.  I literally feel "blah" if I don't do something.  I may take one rest day a week but even then I feel guilty.  My current workout of choice is T25 Gamma hybrid.  I love it!
  • Check all social media before my feet even hit the floor.  It's pathetic, I know, but it's how I chose to wake up.  
  • I promise to be better than the day before.  To be more intentional.  Less stressed.  More involved.  Worry less.  Smile more.  Yell less.  You know, be the best me that I can.  Doesn't always happen but I always try. 
  • Sleep on my stomach.  I know it's awful and I'm going to have wrinkles but I try to sleep on my back and it doesn't work.  I can sometimes sleep on my side but by side I mean practically my stomach.
  • Have an internal debate over whether I really need a shower or not. I don't know why showering is such a nuisance to me but it just takes so much time from start to finish.  If I am not actually gross but my hair is I'll just wash it in the kitchen sink. I really wish I was one of those girls who could pull of the every other day hair washing but I just can't.
  • Tweeze my eyebrows.  I have never had my eyebrows waxed, can you believe it?  I kinda like tweezing them myself, I'm weird.
  • Struggle to drink enough water. I know it's good for you in numerous ways.  I know you're supposed to drink close to a gallon a day but I'm lucky to get down 8oz.  I suck at water.
  • Change no less than 5 {FIVE} poop diapers.  I've thought about switching James to an all cheese diet to help this but I know that's not a very good idea.  But seriously!  FIVE poop diapers A DAY!
  • Dread bath time.  All the water all over the place.  I also say the words, "please keep the water IN the tub" daily.  I think it's time to start bathing the kids separately anyway.
  • Pray.  Some days I find myself praying multiple times and randomly throughout the day and other days it's just at bedtime with the kids but it always happens.  I wasn't raised to pray and it feels really good now especially because our kids are picking up on it.
  • Log in My Fitness Pal.  I don't always finish my day out, if I know I'm going to be within my calorie range, but I always start with good intentions.  Follow me @shannondew.


  1. I chat with my mom everyday too - sometimes 2x ... I get bored during my commute!
    I'm a belly sleeper too ... I always try to smooth out the pillow thinking it will help with the wrinkles - LOL

  2. You have NEVER waxed your eyebrows?! Love the part about the internal shower argument...every. single. day. Hahaha!

  3. Five?! Oh my god. I thought we were bad with 3. He usually has most of them in the morning or at school, so I don't have to change them. Pretty much the only plus of being a working mom!

  4. I call my mom every day on my way home from work. My maternity leave has put a damper on our chats and we don't get them in every day but I know when I am back to work we will be gossiping again. I am wanting to start a new routine of starting my day before everyone else in my house but my plan is to exercise then coffee. We will see how that goes because I really love my sleep too.