November 16, 2015


In a little over a month I will be having surgery. Three days before Christmas, to be exact.

I have mentioned several times how I don't hear and, in fact, am practically deaf in my right ear.  It's been this way since I was about fourteen.  I had something called cholesteatoma which is an abnormal skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum.  It basically ate away at my eardrum, hence the hearing loss.  I had three surgeries to repair the damage but the hearing loss was not able to be restored.  

That left me with my left ear being my "good ear".  I've always been able to hear normally in my left ear despite the fact that there is a small hole in my left eardrum.  The hole has been there for SEVERAL years but has never posed a problem so we've monitored it, I've had hearing tests annually for as long as I can remember and it's always been fine.

I've always had to wear ear plugs when I'm in the water, which includes the shower.  I have cute, custom-made/fit, hot pink ones and I don't even think twice about wearing them anymore.  In fact I often forget about them and when I go swimming I just pop them in very casually and to newer friends this is always a topic of conversation.  About two years ago we went swimming and I forgot to take my ear plugs.  Normally when I don't have them I just don't go under water and it's totally fine. But this day I decided to go down a tunnel slide, without my ear plugs, and ever since that day my left ear has become a problem.  

Over the past two-ish years I've seen my ENT more than twice a year for multiple ear infections.  This past summer it got really bad and I started losing hearing in my left ear, my good ear.  I took my ear drops, which normally work miracles, but this time they aren't working anymore.  My good ear has now become my bad ear which isn't saying a whole lot for my hearing. 

I basically don't hear currently.  Sure I hear sounds, I can hear people talking but unless I am looking directly at someone so that I can read their lips I really don't know what people are saying.  I have to have the TV and radio up to obnoxious levels.  Often times it comes across that I am just ignoring people but it's simply because I am not hearing them.  

This week I was visiting a cute new shop in town and I was talking to the owner about how adorable it was and how I'd be back for Christmas gifts and she was sweet as pie and telling me lots of stuff but I honestly have no idea what she told me. Kendall had a friend over this week and we were driving and her friend was talking to me but I had no idea.  Sweet Kendall said, "oh, my mom's ear is plugged, she can't hear you".  Bless her.  

So, it's time.  I've put off the surgery long enough.  I won't be able to lift anything aka James for four weeks so that's played a big part in the timing of things.  But with my hearing being almost completely gone I can't put it off anymore.  

The surgery is "routine".  It'll take about an hour.  They'll cut behind my left ear, pull it forward, patch the hole with skin from behind my ear and sew me back up.  It's outpatient and my doctor even said I'd be good to "party" later that night.  Which is good, you know, because I'm such a party girl.

At first the thought of doing it three days before Christmas seemed crazy.  It seemed like a total downer to a normally happy time of year.  But now that I've had time to process it it's actually a perfect time to be having it.  Not only have we met our deductibles this year {crazy} but we will be surrounded by family who will be able to help.  Jimmy will be off work for a few days thanks to the holidays so that will be helpful.  

I'll have a few follow up appointments but otherwise I should be good as new.  My hearing will be restored, the ear infections should stop, and hopefully this will be the end of my ear problems.  I'm sure I'll still have my biannual trips to the ENT but honestly, at this point, I'd kind of be sad/lost if I didn't.  Plus I really like my ENT so I really don't mind going.  

As routine as this type of thing is, it doesn't mean complications can't happen.  I know I'm in good hands.  I trust my doctor completely.  He's won awards for what he does.  He has developed new technology in this department.  He's great, I'll be great.  But, if you're the praying type, would you say a little prayer for me?  

As of right now I'm excited for the surgery.  I can't wait to hear again.  I know Jimmy can't wait either.  It'll be good.  It'll all be good.  


  1. I will be praying for you have a quick and complete recovery and for the doctors and nurses caring for you!

  2. So proud of you friend - you are so positive! It's going to be all good and you will be right as rain and hearing again

  3. Best of luck! My significant other had this surgery done in both ears (2 different surgeries) in January and April of this year and everything was great. He had a colesteotoma in both ears from short ear canals and childhood double ear infections. His hearing also was down about 50 decibels in each ear and since he is a pilot, he absolutely had to have the surgery as soon as possible. We had a great experience and his ENT surgeon was phenomenal and everything went great! After the follow ups, his hearing went up about 40 decibels in each ear and he's back to flying. They had to put titanium bones in each ear as well since the issue had broken the inner ear bones over the years, which is probably what created the hearing loss- the ears weren't functioning properly. I'm sure your surgery will go great and sooner than you think, your hearing will be back and you'll be so happy. I'll be thinking about you and sending good vibes!

  4. Oh no! I remember reading about you having an issue with hearing and I was worried when I was reading recently that you were suffering from ear infections, they all just seemed so close together. Thank goodness for family help, there I are many time I don't know where I would be without my family. I am praying for a fast and speedy recovery.

  5. Good luck on your surgery!! My husband has permanent loss in both his ears from deployment, so I understand the "one" good ear and listening to everything super loud - the worst part is my daughter and I now naturally talk too loud in public - ha :)

  6. Prayers for you. It will go well. I personally cannot relate,but Nick says he can. Flying airplanes has destroyed his hearing so he says, "I am so sorry. It sucks when you have hearing issues. It will be great though...everything will be good as new after surgery. Thank God they can do something for you." At our house, everything is turned on extra loud for him. It is ridiculous.