December 2, 2015

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I really like the My Little Pony game/app.  Kendall NEVER plays it but I do ;-).
  • I am OBSESSED with this new Green Mountain Golden French Toast coffee.  Add a splash of classic vanilla creamer and YUM!
  • I really do like doing the Elf on the Shelf thing even though I've already forgotten to move him once and he's only been "back" for six days.
  • I was really embarrassed when Jimmy said he wanted to listen to my radio interview on our way to thanksgiving.  He said it was really good but still, it's hard to listen to yourself especially around other people.
  • I vacuum almost every day.  Some weeks it is every day but at the very least every other. 
  • No matter how many Christmas cards I order, I never have enough.  Every year.  A  good problem to have if you ask me but frustrating nonetheless. 
  • I feel like Queen of the World when all of our laundry is done.  Not just folded in baskets sitting in the laundry room, no.  I mean put away, hung up, folded in drawers kind of done.  Doesn't happen often but when it does, man...I rule.
  • I have never seen Billy Madison.  I feel like the only person in the universe who hasn't seen that movie and I have NO desire to ever see that movie.
  • My favorite Christmas album is Alabama Christmas.  Always has been, always will be.
  • I learned how to crochet last night and I suck at it!  I can make a chain all day long but when it comes to adding that second row...I'm completely lost.  But I'm not giving up!  I hear there are some great YouTube tutorials out there.
  • I prefer breakfast sausage over bacon.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I thought about doing elf on the shelf this year but I just don't fee like it. I vacuum pretty much every day too. Three shedding dogs plus two toddlers equals massive mess all the time. I'm with you on the laundry. My husband loves Billy Madison. It's ok but I'm not that into it like he is.

  2. I've also never seen Billy Madison. No no no, you HAVE to love bacon more!! x

  3. We play Alabama Christmas every single year when December comes around. My Husbands great-grandma loved 2 things: Alabama and Alan Jackson. lol

    and I try to vacuum every day but I have to get my timing down right because my dog thinks the vacuum is an alien and tries to attack it when I'm trying to clean. LOL So I usually have to put him in his crate or wait until my husband gets home and tell him to take my dog on a walk around the block real quick HAHA

  4. I don't do Elf on the Shelf simply because I would always forget to move him and I have a 9 year old, and the elf wasn't around when he was young young. He believes in Santa and I am afraid if I bring it in now it would make him skeptical. I have the same Christmas Card issue, I never win.I am a bacon over sausage girl...