December 8, 2015

Step by Step Guide: How to Create a Floral Crown for You and Your Kids

I absolutely adore those little flower crowns that are so "in" right now.   Don't you?  I don't know if I'm brave enough or cool enough to pull one off but I'd totally let Kendall rock one.

As you know I am not the crafty type, at all.  If I see something cute I can usually follow a tutorial, sort of, but that's the extent of my creativity.  Jimmy is the artistic one in our house and even his gingerbread house looks better than mine.  He's just good at everything, so annoying {KIDDING!}.  

With that being said, when Interflora contacted me to share a how-to, step by step guide to make these adorable headbands, I was all over it!  Kendall and I will be making a run to get all the tools and we will be attempting our very own!

The popularity of floral crowns seem to come and go, but in weddings it is never out of fashion. Floral crowns also have been popular over the years at music festivals, maybe because they have the feel of an earth goddess about them and imbue the day with a hippy, folksy music type of ambiance. Hippies like them but kids and parents absolutely love floral crowns too!

So where did the floral crown originate?  One school of thought is that floral crowns originated in farming communities many hundreds of years ago, when people celebrated the spring equinox. Young maidens would dance around celebrating another year of fertility and prosperity in their community, decked out with garlands of flowers in their hair.  During the medieval period however, the wearing of floral crowns went out of fashion. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when Queen Victoria wore a floral crown at her wedding to Prince Albert, that a renaissance in floral crowns came to Europe and they once again became fashionable.

Then of course, the 1960’s hit us and the floral crown came into its own as a symbol of flower power. Since then floral crowns have been a symbol of the hippie era, love and peace. Today - flower crowns are once again in favor and can be worn anywhere you feel comfortable – at weddings or just any other occasion where you or your daughter want to look fabulous.

How to create your own floral crown:

Now we know the history, let’s move on to how to make one. You’ll need the following materials for the project: 
  • floral wire 
  • floral tape
  • flowers
  • greenery
  • scissors/wire cutters
Step 1: Measure your daughter’s head and make a base.  Wrap a piece of floral wire around her head to see how much wire you need to form a loose crown. Cut off the excess wire and leave an inch or two as allowance then form the wire into a circle. Make sure the circle is sturdy enough to hold the flowers. Next, grab a few greenery and secure it to the circle using pieces of floral wire and tape. Wrap plenty of floral tape around the base to protect your daughter's head from any sharp points.

Step 2: Choose your bulbs.  Pick the color and type of flower depending on how big or small you want the crown to be.  Preserve the flowers freshness by snipping off a bit of the bottom of the stems and place them in a watered vase before you use them.  If you don’t have flowers in your garden, you can head to your local market to buy some.  Better yet, you can check out online florists for more exotic bulbs. Florists like Interflora ships flowers anywhere in the US while flower delivery to Melbourne and other Oz metros is possible with Fresh Flowers

Step 3: Add Your Flowers.  Cut the stems to two or three inches in length then attach the stems to the base using floral tape. If you want, you can use wires instead of tape but make sure the ends are pointing away from your kid’s head and the wire is completely covered with tape. Next, add as many or as few flowers as you want and attach them all the way around the crown. 

With just three easy steps and you’re done! You now have a hair accessory that will make your daughter even cuter!

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  1. Sometimes I wish I had the urge to have a 3rd kid to try and have a girl so I can make things like this! Then I realize that would mean I would have 3 kids... and settle with reading blogs about making cute things for little girls. :-)