March 1, 2016


I attempted a little 'currently' action over on Periscope a couple weeks back but it was a big fat flop and I just feel really uncool enough for all that so here I am, back in my element.

Reading:  I just finished In a Dark, Dark Wood thanks to Reese Witherspoon's book club.  I saw that she was making it into a movie and I just had to read it.  My mom read it prior to me and told me not to waste my time but I read it anyway.  I'm glad I did.  I liked it although it was slow and drawn out at times and rushed at others.  It's about a bachelorette party gone wrong and keeps you guessing most of the way through.  I definitely think it will make a better movie, which is usually the opposite.

Creeped out:  Please stop doing that face swap app with your kids. I totally scares me and creeps me out and I hate it.  K, thanks, bye.

Planning: Dave Matthews Band...I bought Jimmy tickets and surprised him with an overnight stay in a hotel for the two of us this May.  It's not often I get to surprise Jimmy with things seeing as we share one bank account and he is the breadwinner but I stashed away some cash just for something like this and he was really surprised and happy.  Cannot wait to spend the night alone with my main squeeze, it's been far too long.

Drinking:  Have you guys tried these The Original Donut Shop Nutty Caramel K-Cups?  AMAZE!   I add a little bit of the Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer and it's perfection!  Side note:  I tried those K-cups that have the creamer and sugar already added, no thank you- too sweet.

Shopping:  I love that my birthday is right when all the spring/summer clothes are coming out.  I always ask for gift cards so I can go on a big shopping spree and stock up on some new summer "essentials".  Maybe I'll do some sort of "fashion post" when they all arrive.  I've managed to spend all my gift cards {and then some} and got me and both kids stocked up and ready for summer.  Funny how I never feel this way when it's time to buy the winter clothes...

Watching: Breaking Bad.  I know I am so behind/out of the loop on this one but I can explain.  When Jimmy was on 2nd shift, and getting home after I was in bed, he started watching it and then got too far in for me to catch up.  But he insisted I see it {he claims it's the best series ever, ever} so he's re-watching.  I dig it but I wouldn't call it the best ever, ever.

Listening to:  I can't stop won't stop listening to Thomas Rhett 'Die a Happy Man'.  I wish that Jimmy wrote that song for me {LMAO}.  I love it.  And yes, I listen to country.  It's fine.

Smelling:  I make it no secret that I am a HUGE Scentsy fan {no I'm not a consultant}.  I love that they are safe to use around kids, I have one in every room of our house {even the garage}.  At my last party I bought coconut cotton without even smelling it- which I don't normally do.  I need at least 15 more bars because it's THAT GOOD.  It's the perfect scent for these warm-ish days we've been having.  I crack the windows open and get my spring cleaning on while coconut cotton warms in every room, amazing.

Eating:  All the carbs.  I swear just as I was getting the hang of this whole macro thing I got sick.  I got the puking, gross stomach bug and then followed it up with "strep" and can't shake it.  All I feel like eating is soup, pasta, bread, cake...I'm over it.

Guilty Pleasure:  Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.  YOU GUYS!  I feel like we need to talk about this. Are you watching?  I am obsessed, blown away and kinda sorta want him to do a reading on me. Please don't tell me it's fake or I'll cry forever.

I think that's about it for now...what are some of your currents?!


  1. Ohh I need to try that coffee! I'm limited to Costco for kcups though since their pricing is the best!

  2. Um, I loved your periscope. (Or was it Kendall's periscope?) LOL :) Feel better Soon!!!!

  3. I hate that face swap thing too. I don't normally play with all the fancy stuff on that app, it becomes quit annoying. I am officially kicking myself. This morning I saw those K-cups as I was purchasing more creamer for the office and I was all... nah- I will just go with basic med roast folgers coffee. Damn me for second guessing myself.

  4. I would jump at the chance to have someone legit do a reading for me! I'd believe everything they said, hook line and sinker, if they told me they were communicating w/ my grandma. I used to watch Long Island Medium but always ended up crying so stopped b/c it was making me depressed. :)

    Hope you are all starting to feel better - poor Kendall. :(

    Oh, and my husband would die if I surprised him w DMB tix!!!