March 2, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I spent my birthday gift cards on my kids.  I didn't find anything I really liked and they need stuff more than I do.  Whatever.
  • I am ready for a 7 day Shakeology cleanse. This whole sickness crap has had me eating nothing but carbs and I feel like junk.  I need a detox.
  • I am really excited to try that new citrus, green tea latte {or whatever it's called} at Starbucks.  
  • I am starting T25 all over again.  After being sick and feeling really gross I'm ready for it.  Remind me of that when I'm complaining about how much I hate cardio.
  • I don't care that my kids carry blankies and have no plans of ever "breaking" them of it.
  • I love wearing my husband's sweatpants way more than my own.
  • I've already started shopping for the kids' Easter baskets.
  • I actually hate Target's website and find it so frustrating.
  • I just googled 'natural laxative for dogs' because Bear ate a whole block of cream cheese last night.
  • I sleep with an eye mask.
  • I insist on taking Kendall to her Girl Scout meetings so that I can have an hour and half to myself while shes's there.
  • My two favorite emojis are the laugh/cry one and the rolling eyes one.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. Iove your so whats! I miss Hank's basket more than he does I think.

  2. Girl Boomer still has her blanky. Its falling apart and sometimes gets a little gross, but I only take it away to wash it. Kept mine til I was 14 and some crazy lady threw it away. Mom found exact fabric and remade it for me. Sleep with it every night. WHATEVER lol.