March 3, 2016

Surgery Update

Back in November I posted about an ear surgery I would be having right before Christmas. A few times since I've mentioned having it postponed but never really got into the details and I feel bad about that.  It's nothing major but I feel like I should update with the details since so many of you reached out to me after that post.

When I scheduled the surgery I knew that it was happening two days before Christmas and while that idea made me cringe at first, the more I thought about it the more it actually sounded like perfect timing.  I would be surrounded by family and friends for the time between Christmas and New Years so that would be nice/added/extra help.  My doctor assured me that I would be "ready to party" soon after the surgery so I wasn't worried about being "out of it" for Christmas or anything.

The thing that worried me, the reason I postponed my surgery, was because of James.  Following the surgery I wouldn't be able to lift anything for about 4 weeks, including my very heavy toddler.  At first I thought that would be no big deal.  He can walk and prefers to {most days}.  He can climb into his booster seat at the kitchen table.  He can go up and down stairs unassisted.  He climbs into and out of the bathtub now.  Honestly I don't pick him up and/or carry him all that often {did I mention he's heavy?}.

The list of things he cannot do and that I still need to do for him is never-ending.  I still have to get him out of his crib, for example.  We thought about switching him to a big boy bed a few weeks before the surgery was scheduled but he sleeps so well in his crib {still} and the thought of him being able to get in and out of bed by himself made me cringe a bit.  I also still have to lift him into his car seat, the grocery cart, the changing table, and the occasional "hold you" moments {that I still love and savor}.

I hated canceling that appointment because I truly need and want to hear again.  It's frustrating to wake up each day and not know if you'll be able to hear well or not.  Sometimes it changes throughout the day and I'll suddenly say, "ahhhh I can hear again!!!" and it's glorious.  But sadly most days I don't hear very well and say "huh?" a lot.  It's awkward in public and when I'm around people who don't know me very well.  I'm sure I've ignored more people than I know.  The receptionist at the kids' doctor was especially rude to me when I had to ask her numerous times to repeat herself {in my  defense she never spoke any louder, even after I said, "I'm sorry, I don't hear very well"}.  So, yeah, the surgery would have been really nice.

I don't have a new surgery date, we are just playing it by ear.  Whenever James is more independent is when I will do it.  I was initially thinking this summer but I doubt that is very realistic.  Besides, who wants to ruin summer with a stupid surgery ;-P.


  1. I don't blame you for waiting a little bit longer. When I had my 2 back surgeries, I couldn't pick up or hold Lucy for a total of 3 months (1 month after the first surgery & 2 months after the second surgery). It was damn near impossible to do anything for her because she wasn't even walking at that point and constantly needed picked up and carried. It required a lot of extra help from my mom (thank god my parents live close) and Todd changing his work schedule so he could be home earlier in the day. Such a pain! Although, I hope once you do have the surgery, your hearing improves! I can't imagine the struggles you go through with the loss :(

  2. I would have waited too. You will know exactly when that perfect time is and you will be ready.