April 11, 2016

Favorite Things

From time to time I like to share some of my recent product finds.  I relied on "must have" lists when I was pregnant with both kids and this is something like that.  As a new mom you want it all- whatever is on that list, you must have it, am I right?  Well this list is a compilation of things we've been using for a long enough time to vouch for their awesomeness.  This isn't sponsored or paid for these are just a few things we use and love and I want to share them with you because I believe in them.

Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup.  Every mom is on the hunt for the "perfect sippy cup" and it seems they don't exist but they do.  I got these back before Christmas and shared them with you and since then I've ordered a bunch more.  We LOVE these cups.  They don't leak {finally}, they wash up well, they don't have a million pieces and they are pretty cheap.  It teaches kids how to eventually drink from a big kid/grown up cup too, bonus.  It took James a minute {literally} to figure out how to use it but now they are his {and my} preferred/go- to cup.  Love.

Spot It!  We are obsessed with these games.  We have the Frozen version and the Shopkins and I'm ready for another, maybe one for James.  First of all, HOW DO
THEY DO IT!?  Literally no matter what two cards you have there is a match,  HOW?  It blows my mind.  Second of all it's nice and small so it fits in my purse easily.  I take them with us everywhere.  This weekend we were 20 minutes early to a Girl Scout event so Kendall and I sat in my truck and played a round.  We take these to restaurants to make waiting a little easier too.  It's a simple and fast game and we love that.

Re-Play divided plates.  Just like with sippy cups, we have 945,385,103 plates and bowls.  These are so nice and durable.  They are made of thick, recycled plastic and feel like they should be way more expensive than they are.  The sections are big and deep so you can put things like cereal with milk in them and not have to worry about it spilling out.  And dividers because kids are picky and don't like their food mixing {or maybe that's just my kids}.  I really love all the Re-Play products but these plates are by far my favorite.

Maxboost iPhone case.  This is a mom item, you're welcome.  I bought this case in December after shattering my screen for the second time.  The reviews were amazing and the price was way better than Otterbox or Lifeproof cases.  I was skeptical so I bought the glass screen protector to go with it,  I am amazed, you guys.  I have dropped my phone, face down, more times than I care to admit and there is not a scratch, crack, chip or anything.  Plus it's a pretty gold/pink combo and it's not big and bulky.  It slides into my back pocket but it's not so slippery that you worry about it flying out of your hands.

Yeti Rambler.  I am so bad at getting my daily water intake.  So bad.  The only time I was great with it was when I was pregnant and even then I was just OK at getting the right amount of ozs.  I realized why...when it's not cold anymore I don't drink it.  Enter the Yeti.  This baby keeps ice for-ever.  Like, overnight in a boat in the middle of summer and this baby will still have ice in it the next morning.  Not only that but it keeps ish hot just as long.  I poured some coffee to take while we waited in car-rider line and I couldn't even drink it for 20 minutes because it was so hot.  I love it.

Nike Free 5.0.  So I have three pair of tennis shoes that I rotate but no matter what these are always my faves.   They are so light-weight and comfortable- it almost feels like you aren't wearing any shoes, but in a good way.  My favorite thing about them is they are quiet!  I know that probably sounds weird but when you are working out at home and jumping, running, etc on hard-wood floors while your kids are asleep you try to be QUIET.  Both of my other tennis shoes squeak and/or are loud when I'm jumping but not these!  I love that about them, did I say that?

Melissa & Doug crayon set.  Do you guys have these yet?  We've had them for about 3 years now and I feel like I've been holding on to this secret for far too long.  These crayons rock my socks.  First of all, they are in this awesome little carrying case to keep them all organized.  Second of all, I have left them in my car on the HOTTEST summer days and they haven't melted!  This is another thing I always have on me/in the car for random bored moments.  They aren't as bright as Crayola crayons but they do the trick.

Vera Bradley Turn-Lock Wallet.  OK listen to me, I am NOT a Vera Bradley person.  I find most of her things to be very ugly and old lady {sorry, no offense}, just not my style.  However, a few years {5} ago someone had posted this {style} wallet on IG and I loved it, went out and bought it and have been carrying it ever since.  It's the perfect size, holds everything {and then some} and did I mention has lasted 5 years!?  It's just now starting to show it's age and I'm looking to get the exact same one but maybe a different pattern.

Aden + Anais Daydream Blanket.  This is something I love and will continue to love for years.  When I was pregnant with Kendall I didn't really know about a+a blankets but when I was pregnant with James they were one of my first purchases.  I can remember getting his Dream Blanket and saying, "man I wish they made these for adults!!!".  Little did I know that all I had to do was google "aden + anais adult blanket" and the Daydream Blanket showed up.  I got it for Christmas in 2013 and I have taken it on every vacation and camping trip since.

So there's a few of my favorite things, I hope you found some new goodies too.  Do you use any of these products?  What are some of your favorite things I should add to my ever growing wish list?



  1. I love all of Re-Play's products. We use them daily. The forks and spoons are a bit hit here too.

    1. I've been slowly throwing away all other utensils and switching to only re-play ones!

  2. Oliver wouldn't part with his dream blanket that we had to buy Evan his own. I seriously wish they made them in adult size, but then again they would probably cost a million-trillion dollars. Tim and Oliver got a personalized Yeti Rambler as a wedding attendant gift. I basically stole Oliver's because well...its to big for him or he is to small for it... either way, I drink from one that says Oliver. The phone case... I am going to have to look into that. I need something for my xl and the case I have now seems cheap.

  3. We love the crayon set and the sip cup!! Those cups are the best
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  4. my 9 month old nephew has the small sippy cup.

  5. That wallet is awesome! It holds so much! I've had it in several different colors and I've tried other ones but this one is the best.