April 14, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I forgot all about SWW yesterday.  Funny because for the last two weeks I've thought Wednesday was Thursday but this week I actually felt like Wednesday was Wednesday and yet I forgot my post. Things that make ya go hmm...
  • I only watch RHNYC for Bethenny.
  • My kids love Snapchat filters. 
  • I had to drive a Ford Fusion yesterday {rental while my truck got an oil change} and while it was a SUPER nice car I hated it.  I felt like I was going to be run over by every big truck that passed me.  
  • I kinda want to give Kendall a bigger girl room makeover.  She's so over the stuff she has right now and I feel like sprucing things up a bit.
  • Coffee is my favorite part of the day.
  • I get really excited when they turn my total around at Aldi.  I'm always BLOWN away.
  • Our dryer was broken all weekend and once Tuesday came around I've never been so excited to do laundry.
  • I'm in love with Chelsea and Cole {Teen Mom 2} and think they are ridiculously cute together.  Baby voices and all.
  • We inherited a turtle this weekend and I <3 him.="" li="">
  • I'm having such amazing results with my Shakeology cleanse {down 5+lbs in 3 days} that I'm thinking about extending it through the weekend.  Weekends are always my downfall so continuing would help keep me set up for success.
  • I'm an over-grammer when the weather is nice.
  • The only time I get the mail is when I'm expecting something.  
  • I catch up on the DVR while walking on the treadmill because I'm neurotic. 
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I was wondering where you were yesterday... I don't normally know what day of the week it is, except Wednesday. Wednesdays the paralegal I love working with comes back to work. She is only a 3 day a week girl, M W & Thurs. I am going to have do the ShakeO cleanse.

  2. Oh my goodness! I feel like we are the same person right now!! =) I also, never check the mail, unless of course I am anticipating something good! I also getting the urge to redo my kid's rooms- paint and everything! The husband on the other hand... not so much! =)

  3. Wait what is this turn the total around thing at ALDI?