April 25, 2016

Un-apologetically YOU

I'm a mom.
I cuss.
My friends are like my family.
I have three dogs but I am not a dog lover.
I get all my news from Twitter.
I go to church.
My husband is my best friend.
I am not overly affectionate.
I am stubborn.
I've had the same best friend since kindergarten.
I like country music.
I want to live near water.
I was engaged two years before I met Jimmy.
I'm a wife.
Pizza and chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.
I feel my best when I'm tan.
I drink beer.
I like trying new things.
I make bad jokes.
Makeup makes me feel pretty.
I like to read.
I love getting massages.
I'm sarcastic.
I don't like running.
I have never used my college degree.
I have three tattoos and want more.
I'm loud.
I like getting dressed up but have just as much fun riding our RZR through mud.
I tend to overthink everything.
I'm a morning person.
I hate winter.
I don't always think before I speak.
I'm opinionated.
I have been known to overshare.
I love reality TV.
Working out makes me happy.
I have terrible taste in movies.
I wear a bikini to the pool.
I drive a big ole truck.
I am honest.
I am an only child.
I talk a lot.
I am a people pleaser.
I have no desire to travel.
I got busted for underage drinking at 15.
I don't want anymore kids.
I can be nosy.
I love to laugh.

The other day Kendall and I were reading a book and the moral of the story was "be you, you're cool" and I couldn't help but turn it into a teaching moment.  I told her how "cool", unique, special, wonderfully made she is.  How there is only one Kendall Paige Dew on this planet and that's really neat.  I told her that God created her just how He saw fit and that is the most amazing thing about her.  She didn't say much, just smiled, but I know it will resonate with her because we will have this conversation many times through the years.

You see I've always been the type to go with the flow. I never really wanted to do anything to stand out.  I wore the same thing everyone else wore.  I cut my hair the same as all of my friends.  I didn't play any sports because I didn't want to put myself out there.  It wasn't until I hit my late twenties/early thirties that I started to feel comfortable in my own skin.  I missed out on a lot of cool experiences because I was just afraid {of what!?}.  I wish I would have been more confident in myself to do the things I feared.  I believe that when we are pushed outside of our comfort zone is when we find out what we like/dislike and who we really are.

Starting this blog was out of my comfort zone.  I remember when I started writing I would get embarrassed when I found out people I knew {IRL} were reading it.  The first time someone from high school told me they read my blog I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.  It was so scary.  I hate to admit but that "fear" still creeps in when I'm writing, every once in a while, and I'm not sure where it comes from.  I don't want people to judge me.  I want to make everyone happy.  I want to be liked {who doesn't?}.  So knowing that that those things aren't always going to happen makes me want to only post the light, fluffy, easy stuff- but that's not who I am.

This is me, the good, the bad and the ugly- like me or not. I'm not going to apologize for who I am anymore.  I've realized something over the years- not everyone is going to like me and that's OK.  If everyone liked me and agreed with me it would make this world a very boring place,wouldn't it?  One of the cool things about life is differing opinions because although you may not agree with them you can always learn something from them.  Well all add value to the world just by being un-apologetically US.

So what makes YOU unique?

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  1. I have never been one to say sorry for who I am. I love being me, I'm one of a kind and God created me, hot mess moments and all.

    Be you Shannon!