July 7, 2016

My Little Mover

The day I no longer have to buy diapers I might throw a party. I've never seen a Potty Party on Pinterest but I'm sure such a thing exists, right?

I kid, I kid.

But you guys {TMI alert}, I swear James poops more than any other kid on the planet. I am so over changing diapers.  In fact, Jimmy and I now play rock, paper, scissors to see who is going to change him.  Yes we do.  It's gotten that bad.  So, even if it's just Jimmy and I celebrating with some craft beers on the back  deck, I will be toasting to the day we say 'goodbye' to diapers.

I think the worst part about diapers is when they leak. Can I get an "AMEN!"? As James has gotten older, and since we started using Huggies exclusively, the leaks have gotten better but I can remember mornings when he would wake up drenched. I can't even comprehend how uncomfortable that has to be, sleeping in wet clothes. It never seemed to bother him, seeing as he's slept through the night since he was three months old, but the daily baths {and laundry} got old really quick.

I tried the expensive night time diapers, I always made sure he went to bed with a completely fresh diaper, I limited his liquids in the evenings but, no matter what, he always seemed to wake up totally soaked. Finally I just turned to Huggies Little Movers and was pleasantly surprised. Even though they aren't technically a night time diaper they held up all night and James was waking up with dry clothes {finally} every morning. Hallelujah, amen! No more early morning baths. No more early morning laundry. Dry baby = happy mommy {and baby}.

I tend to buy the smallest pack of things whenever I try something new, "just in case", and I vividly remember sending Jimmy to the store for more and saying, "make sure its HUGGIES LITTLE MOVERS, the ones with Mickey Mouse on them" as he was heading out the door and then again texting it to him once I knew he was at the store.  I'm pretty sure he then called me, with the box in hand, making sure he was holding the right ones because he knew how important this decision was {I am laughing as I type that}.

James has been a "little mover" since he was about four months old and these have been the only diapers that can keep up with his active lifestyle {again, I'm laughing}. The sides are double grip {my favorite part} so they stay put. All the other diapers I've used {even the more expensive ones} always have little "wings" that break free from under the Velcro tabs and when James is just in a diaper {as you can see happens a lot of the time} it drives him nuts. He'll pull on those wings so much that before I know it we have a naked butt baby running around and a diaper no where in site. I also love that they have the elastic SnugFit stretchy waistband that really contours to the body making leaks nonexistent.

I love a good deal {who doesn't?} and I've found that Sam's Club has the best price per diaper on the Little Movers {among other things}. But, even better, there's an instant $3 savings now through July 17 if you click here. And while you're at it, check out this sweepstakes and find out how you can win a $500 Sam's Club gift card.

We stocked up, as you can see, but this will last us maybe one month...

Now do you see why I want to have a potty party?


  1. With my first I was die hard Pampers even if they did leak at night. With my second I tried every brand I could. I found that Babies R Us (or Toys R Us) brand diapers seem to be the best. They conceal the smell of dirty diapers and hold all that pee from the night. I am not sure how much longer your little one will be in diapers but you may want to try them. I have converted many moms to them from Pampers, Huggies, and Kirkland.

  2. We cloth diaper a majority of the time however night time and camping we do not. Evan is a heavy pee-er I think I am going to have to switch and try these... I am (or maybe now was) a 100% Pampers girl.