August 31, 2016

Currently I Am...

Reading: Carnal Innocence by Nora Roberts. My mom really loves this author and recommended I try one of her books and I am so glad she did.  This is my first Nora Roberts book but it won't be my last.  The way she writes is so descriptive, I feel like I can visualize everything that is happening.  I have realized I like books that keep you guessing/suspense/thrillers and this one has a love story kinda mixed in there too.  I'm almost finished with it and I'm going to be sad when it's over.

Watching:  We just wrapped up Stranger Things.  YOU GUYS!  Are you watching?  This is normally not up my alley {Sci-Fi?  Aliens?  No thank you!} but I was obsessed.  We finished it in four days and I hear there is unofficially going to be a second season {fingers crossed}.  Now I think we're going to give The Night Of a try, anyone?

Listening to:  First of all I can't get Megan Trainor's 'Me Too' out of my head, ever.  But in real music I'm obsessed with the new Twenty-One Pilots song Heathens from The Suicide Squad soundtrack.  Josh {the drummer} is my brother-in-laws best friend so we've known of them since before they were on the VMA's and if anyone deserves fame its these two.  So stoked about all their success!

Shopping for:  I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of booties.  I don't want a heel {I don't think anyway}.  I want a neutral color that I can wear with everything.  I'll mostly be wearing them with jeans.  I don't want them to have any cut outs or a super pointy toe.  Specific enough?!  Geez.  So if you see anything tag me!

Craving:  The weather needs to cool down a bit {OK a lot} first but I need some of my spiced/spiked cider ASAP.  My aunt always made spiced cider in the fall and now it's become a tradition that just signifies fall, cooler temps, and time spent with friends.  I love it.

Looking forward to:  Halloween.  I get so excited every year, I love Halloween.  The kids {and Jimmy} think we should all dress up as Star Wars characters {they all think it would be hilarious if I were Chewbacca}.

Practicing: I started doing daily affirmations/mantras every morning right when I wake up.  I'm trying to avoid getting on my phone right away and instead focus on me/my mind for about 15 minutes before I start my day.  It has helped TREMENDOUSLY.  I feel mentally healthy and it's affecting all areas of my life. If you do daily affirmations and know of a good resource let me know!

Working out:  I started doing PIYO again about a month ago.  I wanted something a little more mellow, less intense, after finishing 22 Minute Hard Corps and PIYO was the perfect thing.  It's been a while since I have done the program from the beginning and I forgot how much I love it and how well my body responds.

Smelling {that sounds weird}: I'm welcoming fall even if the Ohio weather isn't.  That means I'm warming fall scents in my Scentsy warmers starting today!  Always a favorite is the pumpkin marshmallow and their newer coconut pumpkin pie.  I'm also changing out all the hand soaps to fall scents from B&BW. My favorite? Toasted vanilla coconut, hands down!

Dreading:  Jimmy decided to have a garage sale this weekend.  Labor Day weekend is HUGE for garage sales where we live however we've never participated in 6 years.  Guess that changes this year.  I am scared and unprepared.

Drinking:  I think I've talked about these k-cups before but they're so good I don't care.  The Donut Shop Nutty Caramel, go get it!  I'm assuming it's a seasonal flavor because I just saw it for the first time last week and instantly started singing, "reunited and feels so gooood".  Yeah...

OK so that's what I'm up to/loving these days!  How about you?


  1. I am craving everything fall... I love me summer time but I am totally ready for fall this year. I will keep my eye open for booties. I was considering a pair but don't know where to start... and I hate actually shopping.

  2. I found these booties at TJ Maxx even cheaper in the store. Good luck!