August 14, 2016

Happy Birthday James Weston

Jamesy Baby,

Today you are THREE {3!!!}.  I'm going to say all the cliche mom things that we all love to say each year our babies turn older, bear with me.

I can't believe it's been three years since I snuggled your little 8lb 10oz self.  You were perfect in every way- the roundest head, the chubbiest cheeks, the thumb-sucking- you never looked like a newborn because of all your chub. I remember the first night you were born, it was just you and me, since your daddy went home to be with sissy, and I actually felt like my heart was about to burst.  I never felt a love like I did in that moment and I finally felt like my life {and our family} was complete.  I could cry just remembering those moments, they were so special.  You were our missing piece.

In three years time you have taught me more than the previous thirty years combined.  You have gone from being the sweetest snuggly baby I ever met to a kind of hard to deal with infant/toddler and now you are rounding the corner and sliding into awesomeness.  You have made me shift my priorities {in a good way}, you have taught me that boys need to be loved on differently than girls and, most of all, you have shown me a whole different side {messier, crazier, more dangerous} of life.  I wouldn't have you any other way.

Now that you are entering the next milestone, preschooler, you are more fun than ever.  You manage to make everyone want to pull their hair out while simultaneously kiss your cheeks at the same time.  Speaking of cheeks, yours are like pillows.  I tell you every day that I hope your pillow cheeks never go away but each day they start dwindling away and transforming into a big boy face.  You are WILD.  You love to test the limits and are a true thrill-seeker.  You will not think twice about jumping of the roof of a house boat, nearly sending me into cardiac arrest, or climbing on the counters to make "hot bread" {toast}.  At the same time you are a lover.  You snuggle like there's no tomorrow and I can't say I hate it.  At night when I put you to bed you put your little arm around my neck and I can't help but lay there a little longer.  If I didn't think it would create a bad habit I'd fall asleep in your arms every night.

You love your sister and even though you guys fight like cats and dogs at times, you are best buds. You look up to her and I can tell that she is truly your best friend. You love all things Star Wars, sports related, and your newest obsession is scary things.  You love to say, "how bout a ghost!?" and make a "spooky" sound followed by, "how bout a monster?!" with a big "ROAR".  You actually talk about ghosts quite often and it makes me wonder if you see them?  Your favorite thing on the planet is your blankie and your baboo {pacifier} and while I know I should take the baboo away you make it so dang hard.  Being outside, even if we are doing nothing at all, is your favorite way to spend any day.  You love your daddy and when you think it's about time for him to get home, every day, you say, "daddy home now!?" with such excitement.  But you are also a mama's boy and you have me wrapped around your little finger.  You still call me "mama" but, unfortunately, you have stopped calling daddy "daddy-o" and he's just "daddy" now.  Kendall has been "sissy" since you could talk but every once in a while you say "Kendall" and I can't help but smile when I hear it.

Three is going to be fun with you, I just know it. Even in the days leading to your birthday you have grown so much.  You are talking so much more clearly, actually putting sentences together, and becoming less baby-ish every day.  Your favorite word right now is "because". No matter what question I ask you the answer is "because" even when it doesn't make sense.  I kind of love it.  It's really amazing because I can actually see the wheels turning in your head as you try to figure out just what you want to say.  It's really fun watching you learn and grow and I know three is going to be a big year.

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet, rotten, snuggly, crazy, dangerous, awesome, adorable boy.  I love you.


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  1. AWWW- I know I am a few days late to the party but Happy 3rd Birthday James. The babies grow to fast.